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From ink to the Internet. Broadsheets to blogs. TV networks to social networks. Whether you're a communications professional or a member of the media, Cision brings together all the elements you need to get your story out.

PR and communications professionals come to us to find media information. Target their pitchesMonitor coverage. Understand public perception. Respond to crisis. And measure and analyse their results.

Members of the media come to us to find leads. Specify their areas of coverage. Determine how they want to be contacted. Find new professional opportunities. And gain access to the latest buzz and insights from the global media community.

From freelancers to the FTSE 100, the world’s communicators look to Cision to make sure their message succeeds. And we provide the PR and media solutions – including software, services and tools – to help them navigate the changing media landscape and cover every angle – from beginning to end, around the globe.

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