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Editorial Coordinator and surveyor of words. Likes all things media and is happy to be contacted about anything.

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Speedy Spotlight: Kids’ Blog Club’s Joanne Mallon

Feb 7 2014 No Comments »

Kids Blog Club

An interview with Kids’ Blog Club’s Joanne Mallon. Joanne spoke to us about children who blog, working with PRs and her angry cat. Why should people read your blog?KidsBlogClub.com exists to support children who blog and their families. It was born out of the fact that both my children blog, and parents kept asking me [...]

Speedy Spotlight: Camilla Delacoe’s She Hearts The High Street

Feb 6 2014 No Comments »

interview with Camilla Delacoe, author of fashion blog She Hearts The High Street

An interview with Camilla Delacoe, author of fashion blog She Hearts The High Street. Camilla spoke to us about being an antidote to designer-heavy blogs, PRs keeping relevant and vlogging. Why should people read your blog? She Hearts The High Street is a trend-driven blog that focuses solely on high street fashion and attainable pieces. [...]

Speedy Spotlight: Amber McNaught’s Forever Amber

Feb 5 2014 No Comments »

Forever Amber's Amber McNaught

An interview with Amber McNaught, author of fashion blog Forever Amber. Amber spoke to us about being original when you blog, the problem with PRs running ‘competitions’ and doubling her traffic. Why should people read your blog? My blog is essentially a diary, so people tend to read it if they relate to one of [...]

Speedy Spotlight: I Heart Fashion’s Victoria Jackson

Feb 4 2014 No Comments »

Speedy Spotlight Victoria Jackson

An interview with Victoria Jackson, author of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog I Heart Fashion. Victoria spoke to us about writing exactly how she feels, why new bloggers should just write and how she works with PRs. Why should people read your blog? I Heart Fashion is a relatable, affordable and inspirational look into the [...]

Speedy Spotlight: Toni Tran’s Fashitect

Jan 29 2014 No Comments »

Toni Tran's Fashitect

An interview with Toni Tran, author of Men’s fashion, style and lifestyle blog Fashitect. Toni spoke to us about being a different kind of male blogger, working with PRs and travelling. Why should people read your blog? Diversity of fashion, original art-direction content, and interests in lifestyle on a personal level. Also for inspiration, ideas [...]

South Warrington News celebrates 21 years in print

Jan 28 2014 No Comments »

South Warrington News

It is rare for a print paper to make headlines (for the right reasons) during digital media’s current dominance, but South Warrington News is celebrating its 21st anniversary in print this year. The independent free tabloid, which recently released its 250th edition, launched in 1993 under the title Shopfront. Owner and editor Brigid Hardman said: [...]

Speedy Spotlight: Stephen Carty’s Flix Capacitor

Jan 24 2014 No Comments »

Stephen Carty's Flix Capacitor

An interview with Stephen Carty, freelance film critic, broadcaster and author of film blog Flix Capacitor. Stephen spoke to us about being concise, the importance of reading blogs, and causing a stir with an Iron Man 3 review. Why should people read your blog?There are so many film and TV blogs that it’s tough to know [...]

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