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Weekly comms news round up

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Better late than never! Two weeks’ worth of comms news curated from @CisionUK.

YouTube to launch 100 online TV channels by @marksweney via Guardian

“YouTube has unveiled its latest challenge to the TV industry with the launch of 100 online channels of original programming from partners including the Wall Street Journal, Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and online magazine Slate.”

Complete a survey on corporate social media challenges by @niallcook via Sociagility

“Buoyed by the early findings from our social agility self-assessment questionnaire, we’re now working on turning this into a detailed research report on the internal and external challenges organisations are facing from social media. It will look at how organisations of different sizes and in different sectors and geographies think they are doing against different challenges, and how important these are.”

Agencies experiment with Promoted Tweets by @gordonmacmillan via THE Wall

“Interesting to see who is taking up and trying out Twitter’s Promoted Products. As well as agencies using it for clients they are also starting to use it to promote themselves.”

Google trials Goggle print ads with UK advertisers by @ronan_shields via New Media Age

“Google is trialling UK print ads, which can direct users to a brand’s mobile site using its Google Goggles function, with brands including Buick, Diageo and Disney.”

‘One third of young adults to shop via their mobile phone this Christmas’ via @nmkforum via New Media Knowledge

“A new survey carried out among 1,300 consumers reveals that 32% of 18 to 34 year olds plan to use their mobile device to purchase gifts in the run up to the festive season. The result is a strong indication that an increasing number of young shoppers are using their mobile device to make purchases. By Lucinda Southern.”

How digital media can transform charities’ reach by @carolinediehl via Guardian

“Using the internet as a broadcast tool is not uncommon, but using it to start conversations and create communities is where charities can benefit most”

Daily Mail most shared news website, Guardian close second by Dan Leahul via THE Wall

“ and are the most visible UK newspaper web sites on social networks such as Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter, according to some new figures.”

Making paywalls work: keep your readers and advertisers happy by Hannah Dunbar via THE Wall

“Over the past year publications including The Times, Sunday Times and The Economist have adopted paywall business models that require readers to pay for online content.”

Harper Collins to explore selling interactive ad space in factual books by @Jessdaviesmk via New Media Age

“Book publisher Harper Collins is making its first foray into interactive online advertising as it prepares to ramp up its digital offering.”

2012 and the rise of the Wi-Fi ad network by @ronan_shields via New Media Age

“Mobile network capacity, or lack thereof, raises its head every so often in talk about mobile advertising but recent developments indicate a possible third way to reach users.”

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Social media stats: November 2011 via @litmanlive Michael Litman

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Sabina Rosander is the Community Manager for Cision UK as well as Seek Or Shout UK. Previously Senior Internet Media Researcher at Cision UK. She has also worked as a Press Officer for BBE Records.

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