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The week in PR (Jan 21)

Jan 21 2014 No Comments »

From Left: QVC, Story PR, Sally Osman, Edelman Study, Sarah Armitage

‘The week in PR’ is a look at all the top stories in public relations as reported by the UK media in the past seven days. Leading the news this week is Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer, PR Week’s list of the best PR employers, a new and unified PR approach at Buckingham Palace, as well [...]

I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly

Jan 13 2014 1 Comment »


Jelly is a new app from Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. Created as a new kind of search engine, Jelly aims to crowdsource answers to ‘picture’ questions from your existing social following. For example, I download Jelly and connect it to my Twitter account. I then take a photo of Cision UK’s community manager Kirsti [...]

Top 10 Blog Rankings of 2013

Dec 31 2013 No Comments »

A true Top 10 Top 10s, we present the most popular blog rankings from 2013. Cision’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency. Profiles of the blogs on these Top 10 Blog rankings, their authors and thousands of others can be found in the CisionPoint Media Database. Top 20 [...]

Social media strategy for the fashion industry

Dec 13 2013 1 Comment »

In this guest post, Samata Angel gives her expert advice on how fashion industry creatives should be using different social media platforms to their full potential. I am a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for my work as an author, campaign director for Suzy Amis Camerons’ Red Carpet Green Dress and womenswear [...]

Speedy Spotlight: Strange Attractor

Dec 11 2013 No Comments »

Strange Attractor will be featured in this week’s Media Updates. Kevin Anderson writes the blog with his wife Suw Charman-Anderson. He spoke to us about journalism, passion and good PR.   Why should people read your blog? Strange Attractor explores the intersection of digital technology and traditional publishing, with a strong focus on how the [...]

Nelson Mandela: The World Mourns

Dec 6 2013 No Comments »

Nelson Mandela has died aged 95. The former president of South Africa is being mourned the world over and social media is playing host to an outpouring of grief. As the news broke, people took to their preferred social networks to share the story and pay their respects. Cision Social Media reveals the story had [...]


Nov 29 2013 No Comments »

It has been announced that Sherlock Holmes will return to our screens on 1 Jan 2014. Fittingly, for an episode titled ‘The Empty Hearse’, this news was announced with a vehicle on the streets of London. An empty hearse. Described by Michael Price as, ‘Best air date announcement ever’, the hearse has been driving round [...]

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