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Top 10 Blog Rankings of 2013

Dec 31 2013 No Comments »

A true Top 10 Top 10s, we present the most popular blog rankings from 2013. Cision’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency. Profiles of the blogs on these Top 10 Blog rankings, their authors and thousands of others can be found in the CisionPoint Media Database. Top 20 [...]

Top 10 Speedy Spotlights of 2013

Dec 16 2013 1 Comment »

Top 10 Speedy Spotlights

As the year draws to the close we present our first in the Top 10 Top 10s – the most popular Speedy Spotlights from 2013. Speedy Spotlights launched this year as short interviews with some of the UK’s top bloggers. Each week we spotlight a number of blogs in our Media Updates and some of [...]

CorpComms magazine features Cision’s blog rankings

Oct 2 2013 No Comments »

Cision’s Top 10 Social Media blogs has been featured in the CorpComms magazine this week. The article names the three leading blogs on the list and explains what helps them make the cut. ‘We Are Social, Intranet Future and How to Make My Blog are among the top ten social media blogs, according to new research by communications software [...]

Cision UK’s Top 10 Top 10s 2011

Dec 19 2011 No Comments »

Throughout the year, we’ve published a range of Top 10s for a variety of media to give you a glimpse of what’s going on, social media-wise, in our CisionPoint Media Database. Following on from Jo’s top UK media stories and Sabina’s top digital stories, here are our Top 10 Top10s of 2011, the most visited [...]

Media Analysis on Bicycle Trends

Jun 16 2010 1 Comment »

Last week we published a Top 10 UK Cycling blog ranking. The blogosphere discusses anything from road safety and cycling gear to specialist BMX, Mountain and Fixed Gear bicycles. Although Fixed Gear bicycles are a growing trend in the UK and US, Mountain Bikes and BMXs are still leading the conversations in both mainstream and social [...]

Interview: Asylum Blogger, John Self

May 20 2010 2 Comments »

John Self’s blog Asylum is a part of the Brit Lit Blogs collective. “Brit Lit Blogs is the brainchild of six British literary bloggers. Each working hard at bringing readers to forgotten or overlooked books, our BritLitBloggers decided that combining their latest blog entries together in one place would highlight the breadth and depth of [...]

Interview: The Guardian’s Literary Editor, Claire Armitstead

May 19 2010 2 Comments »

Prior to the Guardian Hay Festival, we’ve interviewed The Guardian’s Literary Editor, Claire Armitstead. Claire was previously Arts Editor and has worked as a Theatre Critic for the Ham & High, the Financial Times and the Guardian. She also makes regular appearances on radio and television as a cultural commentator on literature and the arts. [...]

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