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PR Webinar

Social Media Marketing vs Social PR: The Big Christmas Grudge Match 

With both PRs and marketers engaged in social communications, how can both win?

Listen to the recording our December webinar with THE voice of digital communications in the UK, Neville Hobson to find out:

When should PR and marketing work together?
Where is one more effective than the other?
Can they and should they be separate at all?

PR Webinar

Matt Webster, Director of Media Bounty, on what makes some social media marketing campaigns so successful

How can you be sure your social media marketing contributes to the bottom line and delivers the best possible ROI?

Matt Webster is a founding director of Media Bounty, the leading digital marketing agency. He has vast experience of developing successful social media campaigns for brands of all sizes – and in this complimentary webinar, he’ll go through some of the very best examples and explain just what makes them tick.

PR Webinar

Vicki Day on why PRs need to change their approach towards bloggers

Marketers are increasingly looking to bloggers as the new influencers to support their communications strategy. But working with bloggers demands a different approach – an interpersonal one with just the right amount of professionalism and a dash of diplomacy.

In this webinar, we’ll talk to Vicki Day, author of the fashion, lifestyle and food blog MrsD-Daily on PR best practices for effective blogger outreach. She will talk us through pitching tips, why one size doesn’t fit all, the know-how on competitions and prizes, affiliate marketing tips and relationship building.

PR Webinar

Beyond PR to affiliate marketing, brand advertising and SEO

If you’re only using media outreach for PR, you could be missing out on a whole range of powerful digital marketing activities, such as affiliate marketing, native advertising and search engine optimisation.

In this webinar, we’ll talk to Speedie Consulting director Jason Hulott on how his teams use Cision to identify the most relevant sites for brand advertising, to build stronger relationships with media partners and to improve search engine rankings through targeted link building and social networking.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Why Brands Need Newsrooms

Research shows that 97% of journalists think it’s important for organisations to have an online newsroom. Why? Because the way content is now consumed has changed – social media is becoming integral to reporting and information-gathering, pushing companies to find an integrated approach to content assimilation and distribution across traditional and new platforms.

This webinar is aimed at giving you an in-depth look in to the power of newsrooms, and how marketers are using it to create an environment which is easy for consumers, influencers and journalists to find and share their story.

PR Webinar

Webinar: 10 Steps to Social Success

With the rise of social networks and the overcrowding that exists in the digital space, it is becoming increasingly clear that simply reaching out to audiences on social media is not enough – you have to keep them engaged and in-conversation with your brand to actually have an impact on your overall communications.  Packed with fresh social media tips and insights, this webinar will help you break through the clutter and understand what it takes to make the most of your network, in 10-easy steps.

PR Webinar

How to increase your digital influence

Learn how to make your communications more powerful by reaching those people whose influence will work for you. We’ll walk you through the best ways to identify and connect with your target audience, as well as introduce you to lucrative new markets through extended digital networks.

PR Webinar

Digital PR – Better tools, better results

Find out how to get the most out of your digital PR with Cision, including making outreach as personal as possible using biographical data, the benefits of using a newsroom to pull traffic to your content, and why a news archive is more cost-effective and versatile than traditional media monitoring, and ideal for researching the media, your [...]

PR Webinar

Content Marketing – Amplification & Breaking Bad

Cision UK’s Jake O’Neill discusses the importance of creating quality content and getting it in front of a larger (and still relevant) audience, using examples from Cision clients and hit TV series Breaking Bad.  Fill in the below form to request a recording:

PR Webinar

PR Strategy – The right tools for the job

Cision UK discusses how the changing face of the PR industry calls for a digital & integrated PR strategy. The webinar uses CisionPoint and Cision Social Media to demonstrate how communications professionals can use research tools to feed into campaign planning, keep on top of social reputation and demonstrate ROI. Fill in the below form [...]

PR Webinar

Building Relationships with the Media

Cision UK’s editorial coordinator Jake O’Neill discusses: the importance of detailed research and careful targeting; using social media to improve relationships; practical tips for more successful pitching; how to avoid journalists’ PR pet peeves. Fill in the below form to request a recording: Contact Information First Name* * Last Name* * Your e-mail address*: Your [...]

PR Webinar

Webinar: Get Social with CisionPoint

Kester Ford, Cision UK’s head of product and marketing, uses our CisionPoint software to show how: Our unique influencer rating lets you quickly find and engage the social contacts most relevant to you; Publishing to your own social media newsroom drives traffic, builds fans and increases your story’s reach; To discover and manage the parts of social media chatter that are important to you.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Social Business with Philip Sheldrake

Jay Krall speaks to Philip Sheldrake, Managing Partner at Euler Partners and the author of ‘The Business of Influence’, and ‘Attenzi – a social business story’ about the impact of social web and related technologies on organisational structure, culture, process and performance measurement this decade.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Social Journalism 2012

Cision webinar reviewing our 2012 UK social journalism study and its implications for the communications industry.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Reputation Anxiety with Tim Burt

In his bookDark Art, the Changing Face of Public Relations‘, Tim Burt describes dramatic changes taking place in PR that threaten the industry’s very existence. In this special Cision webinar, Tim joins Cision for an exclusive webinar discussing his views on journalism, public relations and the state of digital media.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Social Media Insight & Influence

A Cision webinar examining how social media is shaping our communications. We offer insight on understanding the impact of online conversations relating to you, your brand and your business.

PR Webinar

Webinar: CisionPoint Best Practices

See how CisionPoint, our multi-award winning PR workflow solution, can help maximise your campaign results.

PR Webinar

Webinar: Twitter for PR Pros

Learn how to use Twitter to engage with your target audience including customers and key influencers. Cision’s webinar takes you through digital media influence, management of contacts, campaign outreach and what it takes to identify the right influencers for your brand. We also discuss crisis management and how to utilise and manage Twitter as a customer service tool.

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