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  1. Victoria Ross says:

    Thanks for the fantastic list:)

    I especially like 40 countries before I’m 30. I absolutely ADORE travelling and although I think 40 countries is a bit much for me, I’ve lowered my own goal to 20 and that is completely doable.

    Thanks again,

  2. Zoë Dawes says:

    Absolutely delighted to feature in your Top 10 list and in such great company too :-) I write for the love of travel and to share stories and it is always rewarding when others enjoy it too. Thank you.

  3. Daniel says:

    Thanks for this list, I’ve been extensively researching UK travel bloggers in preparation for the launch of my own London blog and this helped massively.

    Hopefully I’ll be doing something a bit different with my blog, it will focus on what travellers and tourists really want which is: what are the best things to do whilst I’m here. I’ll have lots of top 10 lists and profiles of every London attraction.

    Check out the site if you are interested, I could do with the feedback.


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