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Music Week interview – Sinden

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Graeme Sinden is a London based producer/DJ whose wide-ranging sets include everything from Baltimore club, baile funk and hip hop to rnb/soul, dancehall, house/electro, Miami bass and grime. He has remixed tracks for the likes of Basement Jaxx , Mary J Blige, Plan B and Bonde Do Role. He’s also runs the Counterfeet label and the monthly ‘Get Familiar’ night at London’s Fabric.

CISION: How important is the use of social media as a promotional tool when reaching out to your target audience

SINDEN: Its vital, we have seen this decade more and more artists reach out to their fanbase in a more personal manner whether its through their website or on their Twitter page. We’re living in a confessional age but also with the decline of sales in music it’s a given that artists must work to maintain their fanbase.

What are the pros and cons of using traditional media outlets and social media platforms when targeting and communicating to your audience? How do you think this will affect corporate label marketing?

Social network sites such as Facebook and MySpace have made it easier for party organisers and artists to tailor their promotions and music to their fanbase in ways so specific that it’s unprecedented. It’s given more freedom to the user and the entrepreneur. To catch up, the corporates need to be more savvy in integrating these new methods.

What challenges do you face when positioning yourself as an artist, now that social media plays such an influence in today’s media landscape? How do you feel about marketing becoming a skill required by artists?

I think an artist needs to divide time between their art and being able to market themselves through the social networks. It can be argued it is just as important to create opportunities as much as it is to create the music. The modern artist has their own blog, updates their website, twitters their every move. Having business side projects is also good for career longevity.

Would you know how to strategically use the variations of social media outlets to promote yourself? How are you involved in the communication process of promoting yourself as an artist?

Yes in my own experience I still like to maintain my social networks, even though I have management that could potentially maintain them. People are cynical if they feel a label employee is in control. I’m very involved in blogging and tweeting or updating my status on Facebook, etc. It’s futile to create but have no infrastructure to rely on.

Which social media platforms do you currently use?

I regularly use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and sometimes forums. I use them, essentially, for promotional purposes. I like the less formal, irreverent approach of Facebook and Twitter. I’m starting to look at foursquare but not from a business angle – I love the concept and potential of creating communities but for it to really flourish it needs more users.

Stay tuned for more interviews on UK artists.

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