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Weekly comms news round up 17/08/12

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Friday has come so here is my weekly pick of comms news curated from @CisionUK.

How charities are using digital technology to solve problems by Dan Sutch via Guardian

“The charitable sector is full of examples of partnership and collaboration; of strong networks and umbrella bodies, and formal and informal ties between people and organisations with shared values and objectives. Yet there is further reason to explore the potential of partnerships for achieving charitable goals.”

Web users turn to Google before their friends for advice by @CMRLee via New Media Knowledge

“In a world of consumers connected by social media, you would probably expect people to consult their friends on Facebook or Twitter followers before they make a purchase, but apparently search engine Google is by far the preferred choice. This is the finding of a new study from UK-based technology PR agency CloudNine PR. “

48% of consumers would respond to offers via SMS by @davidmoth via Econsultancy

“A further 49% claim that they would be quite or highly likely to opt in to join a text offer list.

The findings come from a survey of 1,368 consumers by Text Marketer, which also found that 68% of people would be open to receiving special offers via text message.

In reality these numbers seem quite high as text spam can be a major irritation, and it’s important to bear in mind that statistics that predict future behaviour should be treated with caution.”

Wikileaks may seem like history but it will lead to era of networked news by @GreensladeR via Guardian

“Remember Wikileaks – the phenomenon that was going to change journalism as we know it? Well, two years on, it’s way off the media radar now, what with its founder, Julian Assange, holed up in London’s Ecuadorian embassy (and looking likely to win asylum). “

The age of mass media consumption and the hyper-individual by Paps Shaikh via The Wall

“There’s a famous phrase from Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan that gets a regular workout in media columns. “The medium is the message” has been quoted so many times that using it is almost a cliché.  People attempt to explain and interpret this phrase in a number of different ways.”

Facebook’s newsfeed ads: What does it mean for brands? via @thedrum The Drum

“The news that Facebook is trialling new ad units inside the newsfeed might upset some users, but it’s not really surprising. The trial is in keeping with Facebook’s ad strategy to date – a system of trial and introduction, giving people time to get used to new advert types.”

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About the author: sabina

Sabina Rosander is the Community Manager for Cision UK as well as Seek Or Shout UK. Previously Senior Internet Media Researcher at Cision UK. She has also worked as a Press Officer for BBE Records.

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