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Weekly comms news round up 22/06/12

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My weekly pick of comms news curated via @CisionUK. Happy belated midsummer!

Nike becomes first UK company to have Twitter campaign banned by @marksweney via Guardian

“Nike has become the first UK company to have a Twitter campaign banned, after the advertising watchdog decided that its use of the personal accounts of footballers Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere broke rules for not clearly telling the public their tweets were ads.”

Is sponsoring the Olympics a waste of money for 52% of the unrecognised official brand sponsors pre-Games? via @nmkforum New Media Knowledge

“The scale of such a global sporting event provides one of the most effective international marketing platforms in the world for large, corporate players in the brand world. Vox Pops International interviewed 40 people to test their awareness of Olympic sponsors. Following the research, the three key findings were as follows: the public’s lack of awareness of official Olympic sponsors (pre-Games); that McDonalds and Coca Cola were seen as inappropriate sponsors for the sporting event; and that of the 50% of people who applied, only 10% got tickets.”

Students use Facebook for entertainment, not for offers or discounts by @DavidMoth via Econsultancy

“This will be encouraging news for Google, although the question doesn’t ask how often respondents use the site or for how long at a time.

The Youth Insight Report 2012/13, which interviewed 1,698 students during April and May, confirms that Facebook is far and away king of the social networks, with 97% of respondents using the site.

Pinterest is the tenth most popular network (6%), with only Quora (0%) proving to be less popular.”

Study: 75% of UK journalists source news from known social media contacts by @rmcathy via

“A study of more than 600 journalists across the world found that more than half source and verify news stories using known sources on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Weibo. The research found 75 per cent of journalists in the UK do so.”

Twitter to roll out ad products to 50 countries by @marksweney via Guardian

“Twitter has unveiled an aggressive expansion of its advertising products, with a rollout planned to 50 countries by the end of the year.

The expansion marks the next stage for the six-year-old tech startup’s development, with Twitter seeking to turn its 140m users into revenue.”

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About the author: sabina

Sabina Rosander is the Community Manager for Cision UK as well as Seek Or Shout UK. Previously Senior Internet Media Researcher at Cision UK. She has also worked as a Press Officer for BBE Records.

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