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Weekly comms news round up 25/05/12

Posted: May 25, 2012 at 10:51 am No Comments »

Nice little round up of comms news curated via @CisionUK before heading to the park or pub after work today. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

How can marketers react to multi-screen trends? by @gcharlton via Econsultancy

“For our Multi-Screen Marketer report (free to Econsultancy members), produced in association with the IAB, we looked at the trends in this area, and the important lessons for marketers.

I’ll look at some of the stats from the report, as well as examples of publishers and brands that are beginning to adapt to this trend.”

A multi-platform social media strategy increases Facebook engagement by 50%+ by @dirktherabbit via LIES, DAMNED LIES & STATISTICS

“An occasional hurdle you face in social media marketing is the ‘Facebook only’ approach.

Depending on their level of social media knowledge and their need to show the big number internally, you’ll sometimes get a directive from a marketer to focus on Facebook at the expense of other networks.   After all, surely 900 million users can’t be wrong.”

2012 Online Journalism Awards now open for entries by Paul McNally via @journalismnews

“Entries are now open for this year’s Online Journalism Awards, which have been organised by the US Online News Association since 2000.

The awards are for entrants from around the world and honour excellence in digital journalism and multimedia storytelling in all its forms – from major news organisations to independent publishers.”

Media foundations launch European Press Prize by @GreensladeR via Guardian

“Seven of Europe‘s leading media foundations have joined forces to launch the European Press Prize to reward excellence in journalism across all 47 countries of Europe.”

Escalating Eurozone crisis prompts marketers to limit spend via @thedrum The Drum

“Global marketing budgets have experienced a sharp slowdown in spending growth as the escalating Eurozone crisis exacts its toll, according to the latest research from Warc.”

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Sabina Rosander is the Community Manager for Cision UK as well as Seek Or Shout UK. Previously Senior Internet Media Researcher at Cision UK. She has also worked as a Press Officer for BBE Records.

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