Gift Guide Editorial Opportunities are Knocking

Magazine staffers consistently say the product section is a prime place to score coverage, and that means the annual holiday gift guide section could be the best place to get your foot in the door. Pitching something to the product section is a “quick hit” for coverage and opens the door for future placements in the magazine.

Holiday gift guides are a natural fit to for product or service pitches and while it might be counterintuitive, the summer months are when editors are busy gearing up their gift guides for the holiday season. Keep in mind that it’s just as important to pitch a product before deadline as it is to pitch that information to the right person.

A successful product pitch means you’ve done your homework and are sending appropriate information. For example, sending a pitch about a new men’s cologne probably won’t work in the pages of Cosmopolitan or VOGUE. And an unfortunate side effect of not researching a contact or magazine beforehand is sabotaging any future relationship you might have.

Pitching a holiday gift guide successfully isn’t much unlike pitching another part of the magazine.  The basic rules of traditional pitching apply any time you’re approaching an editor. Give them all the information they’ll need such as price and availability and they’ll contact you if they’re interested.

Here’s a list of the top 10 magazines that have contacts for their holiday gift guide sections in the Cision media database.  While it’s by no means a complete sampling of the sorts of opportunities out there, it’s a great reminder to start thinking about pitching those products soon. This list is also available on Cision Navigator’s Cision Top Ten” feature this week. Download a copy of the our 2010 holiday gift guide briefing book here. Happy pitching!

1. AARP The Magazine

2. Better Homes & Gardens

3. Good Housekeeping

4. Family Circle

5. People

6. TV Guide Magazine

7. Parents

8. ESPN The Magazine

9. Seventeen

10. Playboy