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As Tyra Banks will remind you every chance she gets, breaking into the world of fashion and beauty is no easy task. And getting the attention of someone who’s covering that very exclusive world can be even more difficult. To coincide with the introduction of new, comprehensive media research data for CisionPoint users planning PR campaigns in four key categories including arts & entertainment, automotive, fashion & beauty, and government, we’ve put together a briefing book of engagement profiles for influencers in the world of fashion and beauty. Below, you’ll find a brief list of Twitter handles of bloggers regularly covering those topics as well. Based on Klout score, here are some of the people who might help you get your stiletto-ed foot in the door of fashion and beauty coverage.

  1. @mariedenee
  2. @CathyHorynNYT
  3. @sea_of_shoes
  4. @byemily
  5. @laureni
  6. @productgirl
  7. @pursebuzz
  8. @shefinds
  9. @casslavalle
  10. @amyodell
  11. @thecoveted
  12. @eugenekan
  13. @loveMaegan
  14. @gabifresh
  15. @dianamadison
  16. @NathAt
  17. @OnGlamFashion
  18. @booth1
  19. @jasminchua
  20. @MakeupBag

Need to get better acquainted with influencers in the arts and entertainment world? Download Cision’s free arts and entertainment briefing book here. CisionNavigator also posted a list of the most influential contacts at Glamour Magazine on Twitter and the Top 10 Canadian fashion magazines.

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