Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing & SEO Blogs – 2011

This is a guest post from Yvette Pistorio, Senior Supervisor of Media Research and Beth Blanchard, Supervisor of Media Research at Cision.

It’s about that time of year for Cision and Sarah Evans to unleash the list of the Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing blogs on you. But this year, we’ve changed it up a bit. We’ve included SEO blogs in our list since it is becoming an even stronger force in 2011!

Here’s a rundown of our measurement analysis. We chose four Web audience metrics: Average Unique Visitors per Month (available in CisionPoint), Average Page Views per Month per Unique Visitor, Average Time (seconds) per Month per Unique Visitor, and Average Visits per Month per Unique, all from Using Cision’s media database, I was able to find over 400 blogs covering social media, online marketing and search engines as a whole. From there, I drilled the entire list down to the blogs that primarily focused on social media, online marketing and SEO. Next, I ranked the blogs based on the four metrics provided by Compete. You can also quickly follow what this presitigous group is tweeting about through Cision’s Twitter list here. Here are the results.

Disclaimer: a question we’ve addressed often on this blog and in many of our free Cision Webinars, with all the metrics available for determining influence on the social Web, how can you determine which blogs really matter? Unfortunately there isn’t one metric that serves as a reliable indicator. As Jay noted in his original list, influence is subjective by nature and we’ve read a lot of great posts by bloggers who didn’t make the list. Some of them wield more influence in social media education endeavors outside of their blogs, such as conferences, Webinars, podcasts and white papers.

Since we included SEO blogs, our list has shifted quite a bit from last year, so some of the power rankings may seem extreme since there are so many new blogs to the list. Here’s a look:

UPDATE 4/15/11: Our original analysis accidentally overlooked 3 top 100 blogs, which have since been added to the list below. It was an accidental oversight on our part, and our apologies go out to Valeria Maltoni, Todd Defren and Matt Cutts… all amazing bloggers who should have been on the original list.

Rank Blog Rank Change
1 Social Media Examiner
2 Ignite Social Media same
3 Mashable -2
4 Search Engine Land
5 SEOmoz Blog
6 Local SEO Guide
7 HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog 5
8 Occam’s Razor
9 ViperChill
10 Find and Convert 63
11 SEO
12 Fathom SEO Search Engine Marketing Blog
13 same
14 Seth Godin’s Blog -6
15 Zac Johnson
16 Outspoken Media
17 Social Media Today -10
18 Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence Blog -8
19 Graywolf’s SEO Blog
20 All Facebook
21 ReveNews
22 Conversation Marketing 8
23 Online Marketing Blog
24 Cape Cod SEO
25 Six Pixels of Separation 11
26 Vertical Measures
28 SheGeeks 32
29 Inside Facebook -17
30 The Altimeter by Charlene Li 16
31 SEO Chicks
32 Marketing Pilgrim -5
33 Convince & Convert -7
34 Daily Blog Tips -15
35 Bruce Clay Blog
36 Small Business Search Marketing -22
37 aimClear Blog -33
38 Matt Cutt’s Blog #VALUE!
39 Digital Podcast
40 SEO 2.0
41 Brian Solis -16
42 digiday:DAILY -26
43 Peter Shankman same
44 FreshNetworks Blog 14
45 Social Media Explorer -19
46 V3
47 Online Fandom
48 SocialMouths same
49 Internet Marketing with Matt Bacak 12
50 PRSarahEvans 12
52 Successful Blog 14
53 Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang -24
54 Danny Brown -48
55 Influential Marketing Blog
56 Scobleizer 2
57 TrisHusseyDotCom
58 PR Squared -5
59 Palmer Web Marketing Blog
60 Creativity_Unbound 4
62 Journalistics 39
63 Donna’s Promo Talk
65 PR 2.0 Strategies -16
66 Jaffe Juice
67 The RKG Blog
68 Jacob Morgan -2
69 Marketing Profs Daily Fix -32
70 Social Media Optimization 7
71 Save the Media
72 Logic + Emotion -14
73 Winning the Web -48
74 Hitwise
75 Pingable
76 Bruce MacVarish
77 SocialText Blog
78 SEO Smarty
79 Conversation Agent -30
80 The Marketing Technology Blog -40
81 Enterprise Search Practice Blog
82 NowSourcing
83 PR Communications -16
84 Affiliate Watcher
85 Amplify Interactive SEM Blog
86 The Social Media Marketing Blog -6
87 CisionBlog -56
88 Beth’s Blog -43
89 What’s Next Blog -5
90 Touchbase Blog
91 iBlogMarketing
92 Emergence Marketing
93 Capture the Conversation -1
94 Being Peter Kim -64
95 Bill Hartzer
96 Mannix Marketing Blog
97 Supercool Creative
98 Anil Dash’s Blog -30
99 -26
100 Broadcasting Brain
101 PR at Sunrise
102 The Proactive Report -15
103 Regular Geek -47

You can also check out Cision’s Top 10 UK Online Marketing blogs and follow those bloggers on Twitter.

  • This is a great list of blogs. The biggest surprise I see is that the Marketing Profs are down 32 spots from last year! I like what they do…Maybe the bigger surprise is that this blog is down 56 places in it's own ranking:)

    • ypistorio

      Thanks for commenting Shane! Because of the inclusion of SEO blogs, a lot of social media and internet marketing blogs were pushed down, including ours. We just want to be as transparent as possible with our rankings!

  • Thanks Yvette and Beth for including my blog as well as the Vertical Measure's blog in your list! We're in great company indeed – I follow Social Media Examiner, Social Mouths, Danny Brown, Viperchill, SEO Smarty and many others. Definitely a great list!

  • Great list and well ranked. Seth Godin’s Blog is always a good read for me but they all contain good information.

  • worob

    Appreciate your listing PR at Sunrise (! Hopefully I can continue to make this a great blog and that the site will be listed even higher next year. Thank you for the inclusion.


  • Thanks for listing Ignite Social Media #2 for the second straight year. We're honored.

    As an aside, feel free to use capital letters in our name. 😉

    Either way, we love this list and being on it, since it's data-based versus opinion based.

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    (Full disclosure: I have no relationship with the company, other than we're both located i nthe same general geographic vicinity)

  • FindandConvert

    Thanks for the 2011 list. There are so many great blogs on this list. I'm honored to be in such great company.


  • These blogs on the list are truly great to be followed. Though I've not visited some yet, I will make time for them soon. At least your website is int eh list right. Maybe I can be inspired to create an seo blog too.

  • Hello
    Your website came up in my search and I'm taken by what you have composed on this topic. I am presently diversifying my research and thus cannot contribute further; even so, I've bookmarked your web site and will be returning to keep up with any future updates. Just Now love it and thanks for granting my remark. Great job and will extend it on to admirers and my web site fans.

  • Link Building is the main key for more traffic on a site yes I like seo smarty blog it is pretty good & give me knowledge about latest market


  • Thanks so much for including Social Media Examiner this year! Yeah.

  • PR-Squared is not on this list but Cision is? Hmmmmm

  • Good list, keep this up

  • Great work, those list very helpful for all bloggers.. Thanks

  • Thanks for including Supercool Creative in the Cision Top 100 social media, internet marketing and SEO blogs list 2011. @cision rocks!

  • Honestly this post list is amazing ans=d very informative for every one.keep it up.
    Thanks for post.

  • It is interesting to see some new names on the list over last year. With the amount of blogs already n existence and exponential increase it makes me wonder if we have lost the power of the small business or individual contributor to be found amongst the noise.With large companies spending money optimizing blogs and combining SEO experts I feel that the blogging community superpowers are hard to knock off of their respective thrones. Obviously all it takes is some new idea or an incredible product to get a seat at the table, but has the crowd become exclusive?

  • Thanks for including me in here 🙂

    Only thing I would say is that my blog has a name: "social business advisor" sounds so much better than "jacob morgan!"

    Great job guys!

  • This is such a great list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    I am a huge fan of ViperChill and very pleased to see it not only on the list, but in 9th spot!

    I noticed CopyBlogger isn't on the list, or did I overlook them? I find their content hugely valuable and thought they have quite a large following.

  • Nice job i realy think this could work!

  • Interesting and great list indeed. This shows and proved that we need to work hard for us who are not in the list, so next time we can also see our self there. Congrats to all blogs that on the list especially ViperChill.

  • RTO

    You obviously are not aware of Smart Passive Income as they are not on the list. That's one of the rockiest blogs around.

  • zonizardoz

    Very nice list, thanks!

  • These are very simple yet powerful information to keep in mind. Absolutely doable. Thanks for this

  • Great List, thank!. It will be useful for me to promote my website

  • There are some big name on that list. Excellent post as you have given me a bigger list of reading material to get through. Thanks

  • Ben

    We're honored to be included on this list! You guys should do a badge so we can post it on our blog and let everyone know that we're on your list!

    • ypistorio

      A badge is a great idea Ben! I'll have to incorporate that into next year's post.

  • This list is amazing. To gain the knowledge in the area of internet marketing and seo, one should read all regularly update from all these blogs.

  • Really nice job! Very useful resources and can use for SEO marketing strategies too. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for this long list.. This will be very great resource for me in the future.. Keep posting!!!

  • Great to see the freshnetwork blog in that list. They are a similar company to ennMedia offering social media management and have been a great help to me setting up.

  • This is a great list of websites to find real, relevant, information on SEO and internet marketing. I'm surprised that SEOmoz and search engine land are not in the top 3 positions.

  • juel rahman

    Absolutely great and informative list of SEO tools. Thanks for sharing it

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