Learning How to Be a Social Conversation Architect

On Tuesday, I sat in on on a Webcast hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation titled Are You An Effective Conversation Architect? Our own Vice President of Strategic Agency Partnerships, Eric Forst and Joe Muran, Managing Partner of M80 presented.  They discussed how the shift in global communication has changed the way agencies do business, providing the ability to more strategically counsel clients and agility in responding to market changes.  They also covered how agencies can capitalize on this shift, as well as explained the fundamentals of conversation architecture by breaking it down into three main steps:

1.      The first step – Analyze is all about mapping social networks, finding influencers and discovering the conversation themes.  This first step is critical as is serves as the foundation of your social, SEO, marketing and campaign strategy.  When analyzing social networks Social Conversation Architects need to be looking for what their customers are writing in social media – specifically:

  • Where are they writing it?
  • Who is doing the writing?
  • What are they writing about?

2.      After you’ve analyzed, the next step for Social Conversation Architects is to Prioritize.  You can’t be everywhere all the time and don’t need to be. Maximize your time and efforts by selecting the best sites and authors to engage with.

3.      Once you’ve analyzed your social networks, know what customers are writing in these networks and have prioritized these authors you’re now ready to participate in the conversation.  The key here is to Be Relevant. Add value to your communities in a personal way and on brand message.

I really enjoyed Tuesday’s presentation and found it to be very informative.  Joe and Eric used detailed examples to demonstrate each of these three key steps.  A replay link will be available soon and we’ll update this post when it’s live.

  • Yowesty

    Jennifer, congrats on your paper about becoming a Social Media Conversation Architect.
    I migrated from my life as an award-winning Copywriter with the best London (UK) agencies to work with clients to focus on what i call their Verbal Identity in Social Media. Like you, i say “it’s the conversations your brand should be in.” We’re working with PhD students in Discourse Analysis to help us understand true nature of the conversations that consumers are having in Social Media.
    If there’s anything we can do to help each other, please get in contact with me via @VerbiD  and i’d love to help. 
    Good luck
    Chris West

    • Jrodriguez

      Your work with PhD students sounds really interesting! Thanks for your contact info and willingness to help.  You can reach me via twitter @rodruguez.
      Best regards,