Top 10 LGBT Websites and Blogs

gay pride flag

As Pride Month comes to a close, we have compiled a list of the most popular LGBT websites and blogs. Using Cision’s media database, we compiled the list of blogs and websites based on Cision’s proprietary research. The list is ranked by unique visitors per month, with UVPM figures provided by

  1. – 290,315
  2. – 203, 924
  3. Towleroad – 200,477
  4. Queerty – 196,806
  5. – 145,255
  6. The Bilerico Project – 78,459
  7. – 77,342
  8. Daily – 71,360
  9. Outsports – 68,573
  10.– 56,550

  • David Guyincali

    This is a really good list and I appreciate it being posted. Anything that helps the gay community to find a variety of places to go to tune into what is happening in the world, the whole world, is not a bad thing. The blogs are diverse. And by the way, like that, gay dating is diverse, as is all dating. There are different niches for that too. I like to use a research site like to assist with my searches for a mate or a friends. The site does reviews, detailed, and it allows for the kind of choice everyone needs, choice jut like in blogs. Happy reading and seeking!

  • Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here is another LGBT website is

  • Dana Shoham

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