Infographic: South Sudan – World’s Newest Country

It is a rare opportunity to witness the birth of a new nation, and never has the world been more prepared to help usher a country into the global community than today with the technological and social resources currently at our disposal.

On July 9th, South Sudan became the world’s newest country, and will soon be admitted into the United Nations as its 193rd member state, following in the footsteps of such independent states as East Timor and Montenegro, which joined the international organization as the 191st and 192nd members in 2002 and 2006, respectively.

While rich in resources and potential, decades of conflict have weakened South Sudan’s infrastructure and its ability to provide basic services in education, health, clean water and food. As South Sudan enters this critical first phase of its independence, international solidarity will play a crucial role in its success.

With the support of individuals and organizations worldwide, the people of South Sudan will be more able to effectively meet these challenges and fully celebrate their independence. To get more information on the government of South Sudan, click here.

South Sudan, we welcome you!

Infographic: South Sudan