Now Available: Two New Analyst Reports on Social Intelligence & Analytics

As brands become more aware of the importance of “listening” and customer engagement, they must determine which social media monitoring solution is right for them. Amidst the competitive landscape of listening platforms available, we’re happy to have been included in the recently published Gleanster Benchmark Report as a leading provider of Social Intelligence solutions. Visible Intelligence ranked in the top tier for features and functionality. You can download the full report here or via our home page.

And just yesterday, Susan Etlinger of the Altimeter Group published her own report “A Framework for Social Analytics”. In it she does a great job of providing a framework to help business people interpret, learn from and measure the business value of social media within their organizations. We’d like to thank Susan for all the hard work that went into pulling this report together, the opportunity to provide our insights on the state of social analytics, and for her participation in our “Measure Social Media More Effectively” webcast where she shares some of her independent findings. The report is available via her blog and on Slideshare, as well as our home page.

Many thanks to Gleanster and Altimeter for these very informative reports—we look forward to future updates and anxious to see how this market evolves.