We’ve been talking about how to identify and engage influencers on CisionBlog for some time, and yesterday we announced a pretty exciting new feature to CisionPoint – the Cision Influence Rating. We’re excited about it.

We think services like Klout and PeerIndex are great, but in conversations with our customers we’ve discovered you need a slightly different measure of influence—one that takes a holistic view of a tastemaker’s presence online and off, through social channels and traditional ones.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big on Twitter and Facebook, some reach millions through a cable talk show or a syndicated news column. Many people make an impact across both the social Web and more established venues, but as Jim Romenesko pointed out this week in a post about the light use of Twitter by top newspaper editors, influence can’t only be determined by analyzing Twitter or Facebook stats. Using our unique wealth of data on hundreds of thousands of media outlets and more than 1 million influencers globally, we’ve devised an approach that’s the first of its kind, and provides a 360-degree view of each journalist and blogger, regardless of which media they use to get their story out.

Along with the Cision Influence Rating, we’ve also launched our beta release of the Cision Influencer Database – the largest and most complete global data source covering tens of thousands of digital influencers.



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Brandon is the Director of Marketing at Cision US. In his role, Brandon leads Cision’s US marketing team and develops strategies for engaging marketing and PR professionals. He is a host of the popular Cision Webinar series, and blogs about everything from inbound/content marketing tactics to future trends in communication and technology on Cision Blog. Find him on Twitter @brandonchicago