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You’re addicted to social networking, you imagine your perfect job will be to share all day long on behalf of your employer and now you’re hearing that there is an explosion of “social media gurus.” “With 79% of corporations now utilizing some aspect of social media, a new era in consumer-business relationships has begun,” said Shea Bennett on the All Twitter blog. So what does it take to be a social media manager full time? Socialcast posted the infographic to the right, detailing a day in the life of a busy social media manager.

Not that this is a typical day of mine…every company is going to be different, but here are a few must have skills for those of you who want to break into a social media career:

  • Social media is about community building. Look at customers as people and determine how to connect with them. Connections and trust will turn into leads, which will turn into sales.
  • Be a great writer. I don’t think that needs any more of an explanation.
  • Understand that content drives social media marketing. Social media is “social.” Conversations and engaging content is the formula that takes your social media efforts to the next level.
  • Embrace the “social” aspect of social media marketing. You have to like reaching out to people and engaging in conversations.
  • You want to learn the ins and outs of social media properties and networks…constantly. Social media is ever changing and it changes fast. “You have to possess a natural curiosity and penchant for exploring the nooks and crannies that others simply don’t pay attention to, because with social media, you never know where your audience is lurking,” said Mike Sweeney on Social Media Today.
  • Understand and use analytic tools. To do this you first need to know what you’re measuring so come up with goals. You won’t be able to measure without them.

I have an awesome job and I absolutely love what I do, but it’s not all just a bed of roses. I don’t just get paid to tweet and be on Facebook all day, there’s a lot more to it. I get asked all the time how I got into social media and the honest answer is a little luck, a pinch of patience, a solid writing background, and tasks outside of my official job description.'

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