Links We Love: February, 10th

Happy Friday everyone!  We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  But first, check out this roundup of our top five reads from this week.

5: It’s almost come to the point where the football game is secondary to the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday.  There were some great ads this Sunday, too — but some could have been made better if they had a mobile call-to-action. 5 Super Bowl XVLI Ads That Could Have Been Improved with a Mobile Call-to-Action – via MarketingProfs

4: PR pros go to conferences, webinars and Twitter chats to learn all about social media, press releases, writing and engagement.  Those are big parts of the job — but numbers, budgets and business dashboards are important, too. The 5 Skills You Won’t Learn in PR Class – via Spin Sucks

3: Red Bull: 26m+ fans.  Coca-Cola: 38m+ fans.  Victoria’s Secret: 17m+ fans.  Oreo: 24m+ fans.  These four brands have massive fan-counts to manage on Facebook.  How do they do it?  How Four Brands Manage Their Wildly successful Facebook Pages – via Ragan

2: Email marketing is still a great way to reach everyone you care about and get your message out.  But you’ve got to know what words to use and when to hit send.  Infographic!  Want People to Return Your Emails? Avoid These Words [INFOGRAPHIC] – via Mashable

1: Here’s a look into your future — a future where you’re controlling your Apple TV with your iPhone and/or iPad.  Sounds amazing, right? $1,499 Apple TV Teased in Best Buy Survey – via