Top 100 U.S. Social Media, Internet Marketing & SEO Blogs – 2012

This is a guest post from Beth Blanchard – Supervisor, Internet Media – and Kristen Sala – Senior Manager, Electronic Media – at Cision.

Once again, Cision is pleased to present our Top 100 U.S. Social Media, Internet Marketing and SEO blogs.With this year’s list we’ve considered only US-based blogs, which has allowed us to shine a spotlight on some blogs that did not make previous lists. In addition, many industry heavy-weights have moved down, making way for new voices and fresh perspectives. Nearly half of the titles are first-timers.

To compile the list, we chose four Web audience metrics from Average Unique Visitors per Month (available in CisionPoint), Average Page Views per Month per Unique Visitor, Average Time (seconds) per Month per Unique Visitor, and Average Visits per Month per Unique Visitor. Using Cision’s media database, we were able to find over 400 blogs covering social media, online marketing and SEO. From there, we winnowed it down to US-based blogs that primarily focus on these topics. Finally, we ranked the blogs based on the four Compete metrics. Tied scores were broken by UVPM.

As an added bonus (and as part of our on-going campaign to list social profiles for media outlets and contacts in CisionPoint) we’ve taken special care to seek out the Twitter Handles, as well as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages affiliated with these prestigious blogs. We’ve also noted the movement in rankings compared to last year. Without further ado, here are the results.

Disclaimer: a question we’ve addressed often on this blog and in many of our free  Cision Webinars, with all the metrics available for determining influence on the social Web, how can you determine which blogs really matter? Unfortunately there isn’t one metric that serves as a reliable indicator. As Jay noted in his original list, influence is subjective by nature and we’ve read a lot of great posts by bloggers who didn’t make the list. Some of them wield more influence in social media education endeavors outside of their blogs, such as conferences, Webinars, podcasts and white papers.

UPDATE 4/17/12: Our original analysis accidentally overlooked 1 top 100 blog, which has since been added to the list below. It was an accidental oversight on our part, and our apologies go out to Olivier Blanchard… an amazing blogger who should have been on the original list.


Rank Blog Rank Change
1 SEOmoz Blog +4
2 HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog +5
3 ClickNewz!
4  Vertical Measures +22
5 ShoeMoney
6 Search Engine Roundtable
7 ignite social media 5-
8 SEO +3
9 Fresh Ideas from BurrellesLuce
10 Digital Marketing Blog
11 Search Engine Land -7
12  Social Media Examiner -11
13 Find and Convert -3
14 Outspoken Media +2
15 Social Media Today +2
16 Seth Godin’s Blog -2
17 SEO News Blog
18 Mannix Marketing Blog +78
19 MarketingProfs Daily Fix
20 Online Marketing Blog +3
21 Social Commerce Today
22 Social Fresh
23 Mari Smith
24 aimClear Blog +13
25 ReveNews -4
26 How to Change the World
27 Pixels & Pills
28 Conversation Marketing -6
29 BlitzLocal Blog
30 SocialMouths +18
31 Search Engine Journal
32 Bruce Clay Blog +3
33 -6
34 Fathom Blog -22
35 We Are the Voce Nation 
36 Search Engine Optimization Journal
37 -24
38 All Facebook -18
39 Zac Johnson -24
40 Socialbrite
41 John Haydon
42 Social@Ogilvy -24
43 Amplify Interactive SEM Blog +42
44 Local SEO Guide -38
45 Brian Solis -4
46 Simply Stated Business
47 Social Media Explorer -2
48 Capture the Conversation +45
49 Convince & Convert -16
50 Graywolf’s SEO Blog -31
51 Seo by the Sea
52 The RKG Blog +15
53 eZanga Blog
54 Matt Cutts -16
55 Peter Shankman -12
56 Dealer Refresh
57 The Altimeter Blog -17
58 ShopTalk: Social Media
59 Matt Bacak On Internet Marketing & Life -10
60 Beth’s Blog +18
62 VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business
63 PR Conversations
64 Being Peter Kim +30
65 Orthopedic Social Media
66 Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
67 Spin Sucks
68  SocialText Blog +9
69 Palmer Web Marketing Blog
70 Anil Dash’s Blog +28
71 Personal Branding Blog
72 Social Media B2B
73 -12
74 Conversation Agent +5
75 Marketing Conversation
76 Inside Facebook -47
77 The Marketing Technology Blog
78 PR Squared -20
79 Small Business Search Marketing -43
80 Waxing Unlyrical
81 Pulse 2
82 Successful Blog -30
83 Breakaway Communications
84 John Battelle’s Searchblog
86 Social Barrel
87 Flack’s Revenge
88 Scobleizer -32
89 Fashionably Marketing.Me
90 CK’s Blog
91 Flyte Blog
92 The BrandBuilder Blog
93 Logic + Emotion -21
94 Spark Minute
95 New Comm Biz
96 SEO Chicks -65
97 SEO Smarty -19
98 The Proactive Report +4
99 Lost Remote
100  Supercool Creative -3
101  .edu Guru


29 replies
    Ben Lloyd says:

    Thanks for including us on the list again Cision – I'm glad to see that our blog has climbed so many spots! If you gave me a badge – I'd gladly use it in my sidebar to link from our blog to this post.

    Marianna Buschotti says:

    While I appreciate the disclaimer, I still have to wonder about the rankings when there's no mention of Danny brown, Geoff Livingston or Olivier Blanchard, probably the three best and most original social media blogs around today.

    Even Hubspot recognized Danny's blog as their #1 marketing blog:

    Something for future lists?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Marianna! We’ve added Olivier Blanchard’s The BrainBuilder Blog to the list at number 92. We apologize for the oversight! Unfortunately, Geoff Livingston’s blog doesn’t rank high enough for this list and Danny Brown is a Canada-based blogger. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Ayman, thanks for your feedback. Good question! For this list, we considered only blogs. Since Mashable considers itself more of a news website than a blog, it didn't make our list.

    Den Hicks says:

    Great list of SEO and Internet marketing blog. It's totally brilliant for me bcoz I have 2011 list yet. Here I have found so many new rankings. 🙂 Anyway I would like to say thanks for update 2012 list indeed. 🙂 Keep it up!

    @jgombita says:

    Thanks for the mention of @prconversations (#63), but I should point out that none of the three principals (UK's Heather Yaxley/, Austria's Markus Pirchner/ or Canadian moi) are based in the US per the blog post heading. And we are positioned as an international, collaborative blog about public relations (the first of its kind I believe, perhaps still the only true one), rather than as a Social Media, Internet Marketing or SEO blog.

    But thanks for reading and citing us!

    Judy Gombita

      ypistorio says:

      There are so many great blogs (yours included!!) and it's tough to narrow it down. Congrats on making the list again!!

    Jenny says:

    What an excellent list, there are many new blogs for me to discover. SEO Book and Seth Godin are both go-to blogs for me. I will save this list to explore more for ideas and info. Thanks! And congrats to all who made the list.

    Chriss Stewart says:

    This is a pretty extensive list and just what I was looking for. There are a bunch I have never heard of before so I guess I will be bookmarking this page. Time to start browsing. Hopefully my blog can make it in there next year! Time to start pumping out the fresh perspective!

    Jun says:

    I am a follower of some of the blogs included in the list. Thanks for compiling. I agree that there is no perfect metrics to gauge the real influence of these blogs…but this list will serve as a challenge to those who were not included.

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