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In the week leading up to Father’s Day, we decided it was important to highlight all the dedicated dads who share stories of tantrums, tutus and trucks. We ran a similar post last year, and this year we decided to change it up a bit. Using the same methodology as our customizable Influencer Report Briefing Books, we have compiled a list of some of the most influential men who cover parenting topics. Here is a sampling of the influential dads we found, based on Inbound Links, Klout, Relevance, Audience Engagement and more.

What dad blogs do you read for advice and laughs? Who is on your list of most influential dads?

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  • Marisa

    Love Charlie & Andy @howtobeadad !!!

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Great to hear, Marisa! We like them too 🙂

    • Me, too!

      • Lisa M Larranaga

        I had a hard time tearing myself away from "My Wife Just Said …" and "My Kid Just Said…". Hilarious!

  • TYVM Lisa. I'm proud to be on this list and proud to say that most of these dads are my friends! I hope YOU will join us at #DadChat any Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT – I believe we're the biggest (and BEST) parenting chat on Twitter AND we have equal participation from the moms!

    BTW, I like that you didn't number the list!

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      You're welcome, Bruce! Glad you're in good company on the list and in life 🙂 Since we offered a sampling of some of the top influencers, we decided to go without a 1 through 10 rank; glad you agree! Thank you again for the invite to #DadChat! I'll be sure to check it out and pass the information on to others.

      Have a nice evening!

  • I'm way more influential than Jason Avant. He can barely walk. I can run, and hop even.

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Note taken 🙂

    • I see Jason (@petcobra) more as a wise Stephen Hawking type than a tough rugby enthusiast these days.

      • Lisa M Larranaga


      • Thanks, people of Cision! Charlie – I see myself as more of an evil Dr. Strangelove type these days.

  • Well shucks, you made my night. A lot of good dads on that list!

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Happy to include you! And glad there are so many dedicated dads out there writing good blog content 🙂

  • Great start. Except for that Shawn character. Still, this list can't be complete without these amazing, talented, influential dad bloggers who may not play the Klout game but when they talk, people listen:

    -Jim Griffoen (Dutch) of SweetJuniper.com who could give a rat's you-know-what about ranking systems or Klout or Twitter or brand ambassadorships, but has unequaled writing chops–which makes me (and thousands of readers) admire him wildly.

    -Greg of DaddyTypes.com, one of the very original gear bloggers who has major respect from the MSM and can make or break a stroller launch.

    -Doug French of laidoffdad.typepad.net (@LOD) who founded the Dad 2.0 conference and is leading the way in conversations about dads and marketers.

    -Andy Hinds of butterbeanandcobra.blogspot.com (@betadad) who's a rising, hilarious star

    -Mike Adamick (http://mikeadamick.com/) whose published writing and reputation precede him.

    It cracks me up that Polly is on here.

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Thank you for the input, Liz! You really know your parenting bloggers! It's nice to see that mom & dad bloggers unite 🙂 I did come across some of the above during the influencer search process, so that is a good sign! And Polly – well, there was no way not to include her!

      Hope you have a great day.

      • Parent bloggers, unite, untie, and everything in between! I second all of Liz' addendads (!) up there, and also think Jim Lin, of BusyDad, is a very stand-up guy worth a nod here.

        I am honored and humbled to be on this here list with these folks, regardless of the response it elicits in SOME people *cough-Liz-cough*. Thank you, Lisa and Cisionblog folks.

        • Lisa M Larranaga

          Hi Polly!

          We're glad to include you 🙂 Keep up the great content and the united blogging front; so many kind souls in the parenting blog world 🙂

          Have a great day!

  • Hi Everyone!

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