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Over here in CisionBlogland we decided to follow-up on our post of the Top 100 U.S. Social Media, Internet Marketing & SEO Blogs with the Top 50 PR & Marketing blogs. We searched deep to shine some light on bloggers you may not be so familiar with. To compile the list, we chose to use our Cision Influencer Ratings. Using Cision’s media database, we were able to find over 100 blogs covering public relations, public relations industry and marketing. Without further ado, here are our Top 50 PR and Marketing blogs!





Outlet Cision Influence Rating
1 85
2 Online Marketing Blog 84
3 Social Media Explorer 80
4 B2B Bliss: PR for Thought Leaders 77
5 Shore Notes 74
6 Social Fresh 74
7 Brian Solis 73
8 Danny Brown 73
9 Holtz Communications + Technology Blog 71
10 Spin Sucks 71
11 Geoff Livingston’s Blog 70
12 Journalistics 69
13 PR Squared 68
14 Social@Ogilvy 66
15 PR in Your Pajamas 63
16 61
17 The Publicity Hound’s Blog 59
18 Beyond the Hype 58
19 PRBreakfastClub 58
20 PRNewser 57
21 What’s Next Blog 55
22 KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog 54
23 The Buzz Bin 54
24 The PR News Blog 53
25 The Bad Pitch Blog 51
26 A Relationship Economy 51
27 Waxing Unlyrical 51
28 We Are the Voce Nation 48
29 Hispanic PR Blog 48
30 PR Couture 48
31 Wired PR Works Blog 48
32 Strategic Public Relations 47
33 The Proactive Report 47
34 PR Communications 47
35 Lewis PR 360 46
36 Communication Overtones 44
37 Crisisblogger 44
38 PR Conversations 44
39 Down The Avenue 43
40 PRSAY 43
41 PR 2.0 Strategies 41
42 CisionBlog 40
43 Lindsay Olson 39
44 PR at Sunrise 38
45 Bulletproof Blog 37
46 Ethics Blog 37
47 6 A.M. 36
48 intake 36
49 Peter Shankman 35
50 ComPRehension 34


  • Hey there guys,

    Wow, thanks so much – really grateful for the blog to be recognized this way, and directly attribute it to the way its readers continuously question the content and add their smart takes.

    Oh, and it's nice to be ahead of Gini. 😉

    • ypistorio

      Lol! Thanks for all of the great content!

      Congrats again Danny 🙂

      • ginidietrich

        You do realize Danny isn't in the U.S.?

        • ypistorio

          Lol! Yeah I do! Our influencer ratings are based on U.S. reach and engagement so Canadians welcome too!

          • ginidietrich

            You do know he's not even Canadian?

          • ypistorio

            Haha! Errr, no I didn't know that! So I guess all bloggers based in the U.S. and Canada are welcome?!

          • Look, Dietrich, we know you're just upset you're behind me again. Now, move along, nothing to see here… 🙂

  • Shonali Burke

    Good God. We (Waxing UnLyrical) made it into the top 50?! I am STUNNED. Thank you very much – and I know the team will be thrilled!!

    • ypistorio

      Congrats Shonali!! Thank YOU for all of the great content and knowledge you share 🙂

    • Are you the Queen of England – "we"? 😉

      Congrats, Shonali!

      • If I said, "We are amused," I think it would fit right in here. 😉 I meant us – the WuL team – 'cos I really don't think of it as just "my" blog (though it is "my" blog… but you know what I mean) – it's really become a blog community. And one that will grow much, much more, I hope! And back at you!

    • Congratulations, Shonali!

  • Thank you so much for including What's Next Blog in this stellar company! Much appreciated.

    • ypistorio

      Our pleasure! And congrats again!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Great list, and some great recommendations about which blogs to bookmark! One day, I aspire for my Mr. Media Training blog to make the cut.

    • ypistorio

      Thanks so much! We'll try and to the list every year to see how it changes 🙂

  • Surprised to be included, thank you. I'm never really comfortable with lists, so I think I'll leave it at that. Much obliged!

    • ypistorio

      Congrats Geoff!

  • Honored to be included on this list! Having recently changed jobs, I have not been nearly as active on my blog as I should be – need to get working on that…

    • ypistorio

      Congrats for making the list and the new job!!

  • Interesting to see how the top marketing and PR blogs shake out using the Cision Influencer Ratings. Honored and surprised to be included with such a talented group! Thanks for publishing this list!!

    • ypistorio

      Thank YOU for all the great content 🙂

  • Wow, super excited PR in Your Pajamas is part of this list! Thanks so much Yvonne and Cision! Lots of great blogs here for me to get to know. And I can brag that I'm ahead of Peter Shankman? LOL

    • ypistorio

      Lol!! Yes, you have full bragging rights for the year!! Congrats Elena 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  • The Devon Group is really honored that Shore Notes ranked #5 among such impressive company. Thank you! #PR #social

    • ypistorio


  • Douglas Karr

    Bummer that the Marketing Technology Blog didn't make it. We're consistently in the top 100. How do we check our Cision Influence Rating?

    • ypistorio

      Hey Douglas! We wish we could include everyone's blog! In our database we have that your blog covers Internet marketing. Is that right? If so, that would be why it wasn't included in this list. The beats I used were public relations, public relations industry and marketing since we did a Top 100 Internet marketing, SEO and social media blog list in April 🙂 But let me know about the beat and I can update!

  • applesandorangesny

    Awesome I will share this.

  • ginidietrich

    I'm such a big fan of Cision and everything you do. Thank you so much for including Spin Sucks here…even if a Canadian beat us on a U.S. list.

    • ypistorio

      Aw, thanks so much Gini! We're a big fan of you too 🙂 And thank YOU for all the content and the Spin Sucks team create and sharing all your knowledge.

    • Didn't you already say I'm NOT Canadian? Make up your mind!!! 🙂

    • Don't worry! You beat this Canadian! LOL. Hope you're well Gini!

  • Joann Killeen

    Shel Holtz of Holtz Communications is a PR ROCK! I've known that since our college days in the Journalism Department at Cal State University Northridge. GO MATADORS~

  • Oh, Yvette, what's a guy gotta do to get on your radar?

    That aside… great list!

    • ypistorio

      Hey Jon, you just need to be listed in Cision's database! I didn't see you in there so let me know if you want to be added. Email is yvette.pistorio (at) cision. com 🙂

    • Bribe with cookies. It worked for Gini Dietrich!! 😉

      • ypistorio

        Lol! You can win me over with pretty much any dessert 😉

  • Thanks for including Social Fresh. Is there any more info on how the Cision Influence Ratings is calculated? I am curious. The link did not list too many details for me.

    • ypistorio

      Hey Jason! The rating is designed to reflect the performance of a journalist or blogger's articles and posts more than their tweets or social streams, and it considers both online factors like Web analytics and social engagement and offline factors like the audience size of print publications and broadcast outlets to which they contribute. I hope that helps 🙂

  • Thanks for including Social Fresh. Is there any more info on how the Cision Influence Ratings is calculated? I am curious.

  • Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  • One of my favorites is PR in Your Pajamas. Hopefully my blog will make it on your top PR blog list one day! Check it out –

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