#SMW12: Real-Time Influence

This is what happens when I can’t live-tweet. I decide to scribble notes and then I spend hours trying to decipher my scribbles. #SMWInfluence

We attended a few Social Media Week 2012 sessions yesterday and couldn’t live-tweet from the #SMWInfluence panel because there was no wifi. Our plan B is below: a roundup of tweets from those who used 3G. Without further ado, here are tips and tricks on Engaging Your Audience: Real-Time Influence from panelists Steve Gaither and Matt Hensler of JB Chicago and Peter Prestipino of Website Magazine.

As you can see in my notes above … just kidding, I’m guessing you cannot read my notes above! Here are a few of the notes I took by hand. Yes, by hand! On pen and paper. It confused me, too.

  • When looking at real-time data, how do we over come the ‘creepy’ factor? We have to show that we are not just collecting data, we are trying to improve the experience.
  • Middle market is where we’re going to see the real change, Gaither said when talking about the impact of social media.
  • KPIs (key performance indicators) should not look ‘fluffy.’
  • ROI should be looked at as impressions –> clicks –> conversions.