Halloween Costumes for PR & Marketing

(L to R, clockwise): Some of Cision’s research & social staff in their favorite costumes. Heidi Sullivan as an 80s dance queen, Teresa Dankowski as a kitty, Gina Joseph as a Detroit Tiger, and Lisa Larranaga as a mobsterette.

This post was compiled by several of Cision’s most festive staff.

Halloween is today and we can’t let it pass by without suggesting some costume ideas for PR & marketing professionals.

If you haven’t picked out your ensemble, we have a few ideas for you:

Wear a giant QR Code on your chest so people have to download it to find out what you are.



  • Dress in a RIP tombstone bidding farewell to traditional press releases and carry a birth announcement for social releases.



Dress as a word cloud.




  • Tom from Myspace – Wear a white T-shirt and a lei because, let’s be honest, he left the company and is probably on a beach somewhere.


Go as Facebook Timeline. Pin a Cover Photo to your T-shirt and spend the entire party reminding your friends of all of the embarrassing things they did four years ago.



  •  Dress as your favorite meme: Snarky Willy Wonka, “Not Sure” Fry from Futurama, Ermahgerd Girl, the list. goes. on.




Dress as your favorite app.



  • Be a Pinterest board!




A pitcher! Baha, get it?! We know PR professionals do much more than pitch, but we couldn’t resist!



Show us your Halloween spirit! Submit a photo of yourself in costume or being festive (PR/marketing related or otherwise) by 4 p.m. CT on Oct. 31. A panel of Cision staff will pick a winner and two honorable mentions, all of whom will win Cision swag!

Do you have more ideas for PR- or marketing-related costumes? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Dan Sully

    Go as a live tweeter. Bring a laptop, tablet and smartphone to the party. Type continuously, paying no real attention to what's happening around you in real time.

    Attach orange birds on wire's to your outfit, and go as the Twitter Over Capacity Whale.

    Hand people photos with funny sayings on them over and over at the office and go as George Takei.

    Go as a YouTube Video Response Girl, dress scandalously, hold a webcam and blandly review anything that happened within the past 5 minutes.

    Dress as a corpse but play really loud terrible music and go as Myspace.

  • TeresaDankowski

    Dan, your wit continues to astound me. Happy Halloween!

  • Lisa M Larranaga

    My favorites are live tweeter & YouTube Video Response Girl. OK, I lied, they're all my favorite! Great suggestions, Dan. I love the ALL THE THINGS meme, so I think I'll dress up as a HALLWEEN ALL THE THINGS meme this year 🙂

    Have a great afternoon!

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