New Seth Godin Apps Released

sethgodinappsIf you asked Santa for an on-demand marketing guru, your gift was delivered early this year.

At the end of October, Seth Godin decided it was time to develop an app for Seth’s Blog and offered developers the opportunity to design it.

Between Dec. 5-14, not one, but two, free apps were released for Godin’s fans. Seth Godin’s Blog came first and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Next came Seth Godin – Blog, which works with the same devices.

The bad news is neither app is available for Android, although Seth Godin Unofficial App is available and is reviewed well.

The two iPhone/iPod/iPad apps are similar in content but in my opinion, Seth Godin – Blog has cleaner design. Here is a break down so you can decide which one is best for you:

Seth Godin – Blog: In addition to sharing Godin’s blog posts and offering the ability to share, this app also offers Free Stuff and Books sections. The Free Stuff section provides long-form thought leadership downloads, including Reinventing Yourself & The Bootstrapper’s Bible; Books compiles Godin’s titles in one place, and provides places to purchase them, although it does not connect to iBookstore. In my opinion  the best part of this app is its design. It looks identical to Godin’s site & runs smoothly. Blog posts go back about one month.
Cost: Free

Seth Godin’s Blog: This app has less bells and whistles but has a longer archive of Godin’s blog posts. It goes back about two months but for $.99, users can get the entire archive and favorite posts. Like the other app, it provides the ability to share posts. This app also lists Godin’s book titles and seamlessly connects to iBookstore for download.
Cost: Free with option to upgrade for $.99

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  • Bryan Steckler

    On behalf of JacApps, thank you for the kind words in regards to the Seth Godin – Blog app.
    FYI – We have an update coming with links to the iBookstore and the Android version is on the way

  • Thank you for the nice comment, Bryan! We're glad we found out about the app – so great social media monitoring on your team's part, too 🙂

    We look forward to both the iBookstore link and an Android version soon! Have a great holiday.


  • Good one!!! Looking for Android version:)

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