Create Loyal Customers With Two Words: Thank You.

Create Loyal Customers with Two Words: Thank You.Want to build lasting relationships with your customers and employees? Connect with them on a personal level. Garner goodwill by thanking those who keep your business running. People appreciate being appreciated, and saying thanks allows your brand to connect with people on an emotional level, beyond just your product or service.

Here are three ways to say “Thank You” to customers and employees:

1. Social Media Shout-Outs

Recognizing customers shows them how much you value them. Thank customers by mentioning them in a tweet, posting a coupon on Facebook, or profiling one of your best in a blog post. As a bonus, the customer will often share your efforts with their personal networks.

2. Personalized Emails

Turn a customer into a loyal one by giving them special attention. Send personalized emails to customers thanking them for their business. Give customers a reason to remember you in the New Year with a discount on their favorite products or services.

3. Awards

Recognition for a job well done is great incentive for employees to keep up the good work. Take your gratitude a step further with publicity. If an employee wins an award, send out a press release and share the news on social media or the company blog.

People have choices about where to spend their time and money. Take the time to thank them for choosing your business. Saying thanks is an easy and effective way to grow relationships—and ultimately, benefit your business. For more ways to say thank you, check out the Vocus Blog here.