Say no to bullying in February and all year round

When: Feb. 9

What: Although bullying in school is nothing new, technology has brought it into the forefront of people’s minds. Bullying can sometimes go unnoticed, but it is a serious issue that is gaining ground through the use of cell phones and social media. This February, be aware that bullying is happening and learn how to prevent it during National Stop Bullying Day.

Background: According to, 160,000 kids in the United States stay home every day because of bullying. What was once considered innocent teasing is now a big issue in schools where children cannot focus because of fear and anxiety. Bullying can come in many forms, including physical, verbal and social. It is important to raise awareness regarding bullying so that children and adolescents can learn uninhibited.

Story Pitch: A wide number of groups and organizations can raise bullying awareness. Elementary schools and high schools will want to promote bullying awareness by organizing anti-bullying campaigns. Daycare centers, after-school programs, youth groups and children’s organizations may also want to educate children about kindness and tolerance. Social media platforms and cell phone providers can take advantage of this event and advertise their stance to stop bullying. Meanwhile, authors and publishers of children’s books and literature regarding bullying will want to use this time to promote their books and their message.

Story Hook: reported that 83 percent of bullying incidents receive no intervention and bullying continues to happen. Consider the following when you make your pitch:

  • How can parents step in and control bullying situations?
  • What can teachers do to prevent bullying in school?
  • How can bullying be stopped in situations where adults may not be present?
  • At what age should parents start thinking about bullying and how to remedy it?

Tips: A teacher or school administrator who has organized a rigorous anti-bullying campaign would be a great resource. In addition, a parent who stresses kindness and tolerance to their children can provide insight into how to stop bullying.

(800) 467-6997

U.S. Department of Education
(202) 401-1576

U.S. Department of Justice
(202) 514-2000

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
(877) 696-6775

–Researched, compiled & written by Kimberly Cooper
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