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PRWeb Kicks Off 2,500,000 YouTube Views for Havard!

Update: On April 11, Havard Rugland signed with the Detroit Lions. He and his camp had chronicled his tryout process using Vocus online news releases.

You may have seen Havard Rugland kicking a 60-yard field goal on Good Morning America. Perhaps you saw NBC Nightly News when he booted a football into the arms of a man in a moving boat. Or maybe you read the 1,200-word profile about him in The New York Times.

Havard received so much press around the New Year that you likely know about the 28-year-old Norwegian amateur-soccer-player-turned-football sensation.

But do you know that his story took off through PRWeb, the world’s #1 news release service from Vocus?

When Havard posted a video of his jaw-dropping kicking exploits to YouTube in September, it averaged an impressive 5,000 views per day. That’s good, but no viral sensation.

In December, professional kicking coach Michael Husted, who had begun training Havard, suggested to media consultant Craig Kasnoff that they promote the story with a press release. Over the course of one week, they published three PRWeb releases featuring the video.

The first release was when Michael began training Havard. The second was when Havard signed with agent Jill McBride Baxter. The third was the video tallied 100,000 views in a single day.

“When we sent out those PRWeb press releases, the video went viral,” Michael says. “In weeks, it went from 490,000 views to closer to 2.5 million views as of today.

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“It’s impressive to see a media tool deliver a response like this,” says Craig, a 16-year journalism veteran. “It’s no coincidence that after we published the press releases about Havard, with information nobody else had, the major media outlets start picking the story up.

“The PRWeb press releases really moved Havard’s video views, and his story, to a whole new level.”

It doesn’t look like Havard’s story will die anytime soon. He’s not in the Super Bowl yet but he has a workout with the New York Jets scheduled for the spring and has received inquiries from several other NFL teams.

As the story progresses, PRWeb will be the primary tool used to maintain its momentum.

“I firmly believe that if we had gone about our normal business, he wouldn’t have received the attention he’s received,” Michael says. “We hope to keep leveraging PRWeb for this story as it continues to grow – ideally, towards a happy ending.”


  • http://twitter.com/ComicJohnPowers John Powers

    … now that’s true athleticism. Very impressive.
    Has anyone sent this to the NY Giants yet?

    • http://twitter.com/HerMusings Emmelie De La Cruz

      that’s what I said! I want him on an East Coast Team! :)

  • fathom

    Ballpark Math – Just to refute this claim with a little statistics.

    PRWeb release December 16, 2012 – “viewed over 600,000 times in the last three months.” and “the views of Rugland’s video has increased from about 5,000 per day to about 25,000 per day.”

    December 16, 2012 to February 1, 2013 = 15+31+1=46 more days at 25,000/views

    25,000 x 46 = (1,150,000 + 600,000) = 1,750,000 views or

    2.5 million – 1.75 million = leaving only 0.75 million views left that might be directly attributed to PRWeb. That’s assuming there was no continuous momentum like the original growth of 5K to 25K over the first 3 months which if it kept going at the same rate would have grown by 5 times to 125,000 over Christmas and new years, and 625,000 over January or that last 750,000 off the 2.5 million PRWeb claim.

    The math doesn’t add up for PRWeb adding much… but claims on the Internet must be true because… “they are on the Internet!”