How did people really feel about the Super Bowl?

It’s safe to say that the power outage in the third quarter of Super Bowl 47 was one of the most talked about moments of the entire game.  In fact, it’s still a popular topic of conversation among sports radio talk show hosts and fans across the country even on Tuesday morning.

The Super Bowl generates a lot of buzz by itself (obviously), and as this chart shows, the halftime show and the events of the third quarter contributed significantly to that.  In fact, the power outage took on a life of its own, and actually outpaced general mentions of the halftime show just after 5pm (pacific) on Sunday.

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This data is probably not overly surprising, or at least I didn’t think so.  I was more curious how the power outage actually impacted people’s feelings about the game overall.  Did it really cast a dark shadow (pun intended) on the true sports fan’s impression of how good or bad Super Bowl 47 was?

Overall, Super Bowl 47 only enjoyed about 37% positive sentiment (among social media channels) throughout the entire day of the game.  Not surprisingly, the power outage was at nearly 80% negative sentiment, as authors complained about the game being delayed, or that they couldn’t believe the lights would actually go out during the Super Bowl.Click to enlarge!

At least it didn’t affect this guy’s party…

Although there were a lot of complaints about the power outage, there were just as many jokes and sarcastic comments made.  Twitter authors really seized the opportunity crack jokes about everything from Harry Potter to Batman, in the void before gameplay resumed.  One of the biggest requests during the power outage was to actually switch from coverage of the commentators to playing more commercials.

Overall, the power outage was a major blemish on the events of the game.  It outpaced mentions of anything football related, including the amazing 108 yard kickoff return by Jacoby Jones.  Even the halftime show met its match, in terms of volume…although, much of the power outage speculation centered on the possibility that Beyonce contributed to the cause which helped drive up additional volume for the singer.

To say that the power outage negatively swayed overall Super Bowl mentions would technically be accurate, but it wouldn’t necessarily be fair.  There was a significant portion of people who also felt positive about the power outage by looking back on it as possibly one of the most memorable events in modern Super Bowl history.  In the end (as a football fan), I’d like to think that the overall sentiment of the Super Bowl was swayed more by 49ers and Ravens die-hards, who actually took stock in who won and lost the game.