Combining News Releases and Email for Better Publicity

Combining news releases and email for better publicityOnline news releases are an extremely effective way to build your business by getting your story in front of journalists and bloggers. When combined with other channels and tools, however, the results can be even better.

Email is an ideal partner for news releases. It allows you to deliver your news directly to journalists and bloggers who ask for it, in a way that makes it more targeted. A well-written and well-timed email pitch that leads a reporter to your latest news release can lead to a publicity hit instantly, while a news release that prompts a reporter to sign up to your email list can lead to publicity later.

Here are five ways to integrate email and news releases for better PR:

1) Help reporters sign up to your email

In your news releases, be sure to include a link to a webpage with an email signup form (for example, down at the bottom with the other contact information). For readers who click straight through, make sure to also include signup forms on other relevant pages of your website – you never know where someone will enter your site.

2) Create an email list for reporters 

On your signup page, ask subscribers if they’re a customer or a member of the media. Then you can segment your messages appropriately and send targeted, relevant information to each group. Reporters and bloggers won’t care about your sales figures, but they may care about the opening of your new location.

3) Use a great email subject line

Reporters and bloggers, like customers, get a ton of emails in their inboxes. When promoting your news releases with email, grab their attention with a compelling subject line that teases the news inside. Use appropriate words and phrases like “record-breaking” or “new” or “voted the best.” Remember: What will catch the attention of the media is different from what will engage consumers.

4) Lead with specifics 

Your email isn’t the place to simply paste your text-heavy news release. Instead, lead with a quick summary and a few important bullet points before providing a link to your news release. It’s always better to be brief than to be ignored.

5) Make your email story shareable

If your email software features social sharing functionality, make sure it’s turned on. Sometimes, you may not get a full article written about you, but you may get a tweet or a share of your emailed press release. This is another reason to ensure your subject line is more compelling than just “News from our store.”

A word of caution: you may think everything you do is newsworthy, but the media won’t always agree, even if they subscribe to your site. It’s always good to ask how often a reporter might want to hear from you. When it comes to sharing content with journalists via email, relevancy is always a better tactic than frequency – a rule that’s worth bearing in mind for your larger content marketing strategy as well.

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