Top 50 Travel Blogs

This guest post is by Internet media supervisor Stone Hansard and electronic media manager Beth Blanchard.

It’s been said that if you have a wi-fi connection, you don’t need a passport to see the world. Ok—your flat screen is no match for the majesty of Machu Picchu, but for those of us who haven’t chosen a life of permanent jet-setting, the daydream must suffice for now. Fortunately, with internet hotspots available the world over, a growing subset of travel bloggers have tapped into just about any vacation imaginable, whether you’re looking for a luxury resort in Fiji or a budget backpacking trip through Appalachia. To salute these globetrotting experts and enthusiasts, we’ve compiled the top 50 travel blogs in North America. The list was created using Cision’s PR Software and blogs are ranked based on our Cision Influence Rating. From here you can brainstorm your own vacation, or reach out to promote your own idea or brand. Bon voyage!

1 Gadling
2 Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel
3 Jaunted
4 Everything Everywhere
5 Art of Backpacking
6 The Cranky Flier
7 Nuts About Southwest
8 The Planet D
9 The Vacation Gals
10 VegasChatter
11 HotelChatter
13 DeliciousBaby
14 Just Short of Crazy
15 Atlanta on the Cheap
16 Traveling Mamas
17 Beachcomber Pete
18 The Everywhereist
19 Family on Bikes
20 My Itchy Travel Feet
21 Everett Potter’s Travel Report
22 Go Green Travel Green
24 Traveling Greener
25 Alaska TravelGram
26 Chris Around The World
27 The Adventure Blog
28 A Dangerous Business
29 GloboTreks
30 Wandering Earl
31 Wandering Educators
33 Beers and Beans
34 Migrationology
35 Pause the Moment
36 A Little Adrift
37 Cruise Diva
38 CWT Savvy Traveler
39 Walking Off the Big Apple
40 LandLopers
41 Travelscope Blog
42 Bacon is Magic
43 Doing Indy
44 Online Travel Review
45 You Must Be Trippin’
46 Airlines and Destinations
47 travellious
48 Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding
49 Traveling Canucks
50 Candice Does the World


  • Why to the top 50 ** in North America **…? Whilst some of the bloggers mentioned may be American, there are a number who are nomadic and spend most of their time not in North America. I don't understand the purpose of a regionally restrictive list like this? My blog, for instance, presumably doesn't qualify because I am based in Europe, though we regularly feature North America on the site…

  • Jason Dutton-Smith

    Thanks for this list – some great blogs on here….hopefully I can make the next list! 🙂

  • Check out my new travel blog!! 🙂

  • heididmschmidt43

    Nice blogs! I decided to start my own blog because I guess I and many of my friends are looking for something a little different — places located within the Continental USA, places and events not typically written about, places where parents and grandparents can build memories with their children and grandchildren without emptying their wallet, places that are fun, may have historical value, may be educational and above all are interesting at some level. Check it out… Thanks.

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Wonderful! Thank you for submitting, Heidi!

  • Check out my travel blog where I publish hipster city guides:

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Thank you, Adam!

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