No one wants to be the office dinosaur. In addition to keeping up with industry-specific changes, we must understand the new ways people communicate. From phone calls to text messages, emails to tweets, blogs and Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, there are a lot of places to talk and share.

We host a weekly Public Relations and Social Media Webinar series to discuss these topics with the PR and Marketing industries, and have a very engaged and active audience. We answer audience questions in real-time and wanted to share some of the most-asked Q&As with you:

Q: Do you have numbers for how many people use Facebook on a desktop vs. a cell phone?
A: Ironically, Shift Communications wrote a post on this exact topic last week. According to Facebook’s most recent SEC filing (and Shift Communications’ post), more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service via a mobile device at least some of the time and 1 in 6 people use ONLY a mobile device to access Facebook’s services.

Q: Where can one get images?
A: If you’re looking for images for your blog posts or other collateral, there are a few places you can get them. Creative Commons allows you to search for images you can share, use and remix. Each image will have a License on it; be sure to check the license to see the rights and ensure you are compliant. Stock.xchng offers free stock photos; make sure to read the image license agreement before using a photo. And lastly, for a fee you can download images from iStockphoto, which provides royalty-free photos.

Q: How do you determine the most useful hashtags?
A: A quick way to find out how a hashtag is being used is to search it on the platform you’re using. There you will see who is using it and how it is being used. The general rule of thumb is to use two hashtags per post (whether it be a tweet, an Instagram caption, etc) so make sure you’re using them wisely!

Q: How do we generate content for our blog?
A: There is no quick-and-easy solution for this; content can – and should – be well thought out and have a purpose. The best way to do this is to discuss solutions to problems your customers are having. Whether the answers to those problems can be fixed by a product you sell or not, giving readers real value and helping them to navigate the industry will keep them coming back for more. For more content generation ideas, read 15 Ways to Beat Blogger Fatigue.

Q: What are some of the resources available to see when content is being shared?
A: Everyone wants to know what’s being said about them and who is saying it. There are several tools on the market, including the Cision Social Media Dashboard. This tracks mentions on Twitter, in Instagram comments, on blogs, Facebook and more. You can see when someone is sharing a link to your site or blog, and any other time they mention your keywords, whether that be your company name, a more general industry term, or – dare we say – you want to monitor your competitors.

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About Lisa Denten

Lisa Denten is the Social Media Manager of Cision U.S., where she leads social strategy, coordinates the blog editorial calendar and manages public relations campaigns. She regularly hosts Cision webinars, was chosen as a #FollowFriday guest on industry blog Spin Sucks, and has spoken on panels for Inbound Marketing Summit and Publicity Club of Chicago. She worked in the newspaper industry before joining Cision in 2008. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter at @lisaml15.