Four Social Media Metrics Worth Measuring

The Four Social Media Metrics Worth MeasuringWhatever the goal of your social media marketing—awareness, engagement, web traffic, influence or share of voice—you need insightful metrics to accurately measure and demonstrate your results.

Here are four revealing metrics of social media success:

1) Reach

How many people see your social content? While most people are not online at the same time, reach shows potential audience. Pay attention to reach if your goal is to increase brand awareness. You can track the reach of your Tweets, Pins, videos, posts on Facebook and brand hashtags.

2) Share of Voice

How often do customers mention your company on social media compared to your competitors? This indicates the strength of your brand’s position within your industry, and also how engaged your followers are. Divide your mentions by the total number of mentions (yours and your competitors’) to determine your social share of voice.

3) Interaction

How often do people retweet, share and comment on your content? Engagement is considered a more important metric than reach. Track how many people engage with your social content, how often and the ways in which they engage. This can help you improve the content and schedule of your editorial calendar.

4) Clicks to Action

Don’t stop at tracking click throughs from social media to your website. You should measure how many click throughs actually result in a desired action. If the ultimate goal is growing your email list, measure how many people sign up through social media. If your goal is increased attendance at an event, measure how many attendees register through social channels. Whether it’s a KPI or ROI, achieve your goals.

Remember to always tie your metrics back to your overall social media strategy. As well as helping you measure accurately, the right metrics help you demonstrate how your campaigns contribute to larger company goals and objectives.