Get SMART with Social Media Measurement

Social media measurementOne of the biggest obstacles to social media marketing success is a failing to effectively measure results.

Overcome this challenge by setting meaningful objectives at the beginning of your social media campaign. These objectives will determine your ability to measure results later on. As a rule, make your objectives SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and timely:

1) Specific

What exactly does your campaign seek to accomplish? For example, is your goal to increase the size of your email list? Your objective should include your expected number of new signups.

2) Measureable

Next, isolate variables to measure the effectiveness of different campaign elements. In keeping with our example, your objective should now state how many signups you hope to generate through social media versus other channels.

3) Attainable

Break objectives that are too broad or complex down into smaller, more specific objectives. This allows for accurate measurement.

4) Results-oriented

Objectives should include a wider business result. For example, how will the rate of new email signups compare to a similar time period before the campaign?

5) Timely

Whether two days or two months, a specific timeframe with an end date makes it easy to assess whether the objective was completed.

“In Q3, obtain 10,000 new email list signups through social media, resulting in a 20 percent increase in total new email signups compared to Q2.”

Always think strategically, and ask yourself how a social media objective will help accomplish larger goals for your organization. As well as helping you measure success, SMART social media objectives will show you areas for improvement and adjustment, ultimately leading to marketing success.