How to Get to Twitter's New Analytics

The New Twitter Analytics: Cheat Sheet

They’re finally here! Analytics straight from Twitter. Although they’re a little hidden, we’ve found them extremely useful when it comes to analyzing your Twitter marketing efforts. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to get you up to speed.

First, log into and from your home page, click on your Settings drop down menu. Then, click on Twitter Ads. Don’t worry, we aren’t actually looking at ads.

How to Get to Twitter's New Analytics

From there, Twitter will ask you to sign-in again and then take you to Twitter’s Ad pages, which will display any current advertising that you’re doing with Tweets.

To get to the good stuff, click on the Analytics drop down on the black bar at the top. You should see three options: Timeline Activity, Followers and Websites . The first two are what we want to look at for analytics. Let’s check out Timeline Activity first.

Navigating Twitter's Analytics

This is the fun part! You can now see your Twitter mentions, follows and unfollows for the past 30 days in the top graph…

Twitter Timeline Activity Analytics

And how your recent tweets have been performing in the bottom chart.

Hover over any date in the Mentions, Follows, Unfollows chart to see your mentions, follows and unfollows for that specific day.

Tip: Received a large amount of unfollows in one day? This indicates a conversation topic that did not resonate with your audience, or too many tweets in one day.

Mentions, follows and unfollows in Twitter Analytics

The bottom chart is our favorite part. It shows your recent tweets and how many clicks any links in those tweets received, how many favorites, how many retweets, and how many replies.

Twitter will also show you which tweets are performing above average by telling you when your extend your Normal Reach.  If you get a number times your Normal Reach, pat yourself on your back: the shares and engagement around a tweet caused it to reach new people. You can select which tweets to view by clicking Best, Good, or All.

Best, Good or All Tweets in Twitter Analytics

“Best” is good for seeing which tweets have performed the highest, so you can analyze which types of tweets are most popular among your followers.

Reach of tweets on Twitter

Tactic: Increase impact by repeating the highest analytics at different times of day or on different days of the week. 

Let’s switch to the Followers analytics, using the Analytics drop-down menu up top.

Twitter follower analytics

Now displaying your Twitter followers chart, you can click on any of the demographic segments on the page to filter results by that segment.

Deep dive into Twitter follower analytics

 Tactical takeaways:

  • Which are the top cities your followers are based in? Do some location-based marketing and promote industry events in those cities.
  • “Your followers also follow” can show you which competitors your audience is interested in, as well as new industry folks worth following.
  • The Interests and Top interests column can also suggest new hashtags for your tweets so you’re serving your audience’s needs.

What do you think about the new Twitter analytics? Are they helpful? What would you add or change?

  • byronm

    Looks great and your post piqued my interest. Unfortunately, our settings drop-down does not contain a selection for Twitter Ads…I suspect because we don’t do advertising on Twitter.

    • Stacey Miller

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention Byron! I did not know that if you didn’t do ads, you would not see an option for ads in the settings drop down. I am hearing from friends and colleagues that do not do Twitter advertising that they are seeing the Ads and Analytics option, so I believe this means that the rollout by Twitter for Analytics isn’t complete yet :(

      • StatSoft

        UPDATE: Yes, you can do this without having purchased ads. As of November 2013, after selecting “Twitter Ads” from the “Settings” drop-down, I still do not automatically see the “Analytics” option in the black bar at top. However, there is merely one extra step to get to it: select “Account settings” from the “Account and billing” drop-down menu (in the black bar) and then you will finally see the “Analytics” drop-down option Stacey describes.

  • Ray Beckerman

    Nice article, thanks for the info. Had no idea analytics were available

    • Chris

      Thanks Ray – hope this makes life easier for you!

  • Gary Karr

    Doesn’t work at all for one of my clients. No Ads button, no analytics button when you sign in on the ads site.

    • Stacey Miller

      Thanks for your comment Gary! Sorry to hear this doesn’t work for you. I’m just gathering information that indicates this may be a slow rollout by Twitter since some people have the capabilities already, but others don’t :( Hang in there!

  • Heather Turner

    It appears you have to at least have run a twitter ad first before you get this option. I have it on one account we ran a test run on for ads, but not on a dozen plus others that have never set an ad account up.

    • Stacey Miller

      That is such a bummer! I am seeing that some people who have never done ads are seeing the analytics, but others aren’t, so the best I can infer is that this is a slow rollout.

  • brian™

    Received “Account ineligible. At this time, we are only accepting advertisers tweeting in English and based in the US…”