This is a guest post by Emanuele Breccia, social media manager for Entertainment Fusion Group, CEO and founder of Breccia Social Media Consulting and a public relations graduate student at New York University. Follow him at @Emanuele227@EFGpr and @EFGPRNY.

emanuelebrecciaEFGprScott Stratten is an expert in viral, social and authentic marketing and is one of the top 5 social media top influencers according to Scott is the president of UnMarketing, a blog that focuses on engagement and authentic marketing.

How did he become one of the world’s top influencers? By doing what he preaches in his blog and books. Let’s break it into four steps:

1. Focus: Instead of trying to cover a wide array of topics, Scott picked a defined niche and focused on it to become an expert and consequently an influencer. People need to associate a name and a face to a particular topic and Scott has succeeded in doing so.

2. Voice: Scott selected a kind of language and tone that is very charismatic and consistent across all the social platforms he uses.

3. Content Creation & Sharing: Scott constantly creates and shares relevant and engaging content. He researches the industry and churns out content that is very focused on his niche and with high degree of shareability.

4. Engage: Scott doesn’t only broadcast his and other people’s opinions to a wide audience. He engages his audience on a daily basis without discriminating users by follower count or Klout score. He spends a whole lot of time creating and nurturing one-on-one conversations with other users on relevant topics.

And how does he do it so well?

He LISTENS. Listening is the most important factor when wanting to become an influencer. Only by actively listening you can form an informed opinion and effectively engage your audience, just like in real life conversations.

How do you engage someone who’s always so busy engaging with a million other people? Try and find topics the influencer doesn’t know a lot about or where they ask for collaboration. To make sure an influencer reads your reply, tweet at the top or bottom of the hour around lunch or on weekends. I would avoid tweeting in the morning when notifications stack up and choose lunch instead, as he or she is more likely to check their phone stress-free before or after a meal.

Do you have any tips on influencer communication?'

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