Coswick Hardwood: Vocus Eliminated Our Slow Season!

Olya Ianovskaia - Coswick Hardwood - Vocus Marketing Suite“January and February are our industry’s slow months,” says Olya Ianovskaia of flooring manufacturer Coswick Hardwood. “Everyone has a slowdown in sales…except us.”

Coswick Hardwood, a 450-person company, credits the Vocus Marketing Suite with driving year-round demand for its products. The key, says Olya, is media publicity earned by targeting websites and magazines with Vocus news releases.

“We published our first news release in December 2011,” says Olya. “We figured people wouldn’t pay attention because of the holidays. But immediately, two big publications covering eco-friendly building products picked up the story. It generated a lot of web traffic and requests for samples.

Coswick Hardwood - Vocus Marketing Suite Review

“We continued publishing releases and – throughout that winter – our sales never slowed down.

“This year, we had similar success. Sales remained up. Queries kept coming in. Our retailers were asking why our products continued to sell when other suppliers weren’t doing as well.

“We were the only supplier who didn’t see a winter downturn.”

Coswick’s marketing success is doubly impressive because its competitors have larger marketing budgets.

“The big players in flooring are really big,” says Olya. “We have a smaller marketing budget. However, we also have Vocus: a simple and fast way to get the word out about our products.

“We used to do a lot of online advertising, trying to outbid those big players in the industry. Our print advertising was likewise extremely expensive. Now, I simply write an announcement, contact people for quotes, and create a news release with Vocus. It delivers our news straight to the people we need to reach.

“Industry websites tend to publish it in some form within a couple of days. We start getting traffic and inquiries the same week. When the larger interior design and home magazines pick our news up, we see improved results for the next couple of months. It’s remarkable.”

Next for Coswick Hardwood is Facebook marketing, using the apps in their Vocus suite.

“We definitely want to grow our presence on Facebook,” says Olya. “Vocus Facebook apps will be really useful. With the results we’ve already had with Vocus, I feel confident that we’ll have more success.”

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