Vocus Helps an Architectural Photographer Go Global

Ellen Fisch - Vocus Marketing Suite

Ellen Fisch: “Vocus made me a global brand.”

“With millions of photographers out there, it was hard to distinguish myself,” Ellen Fisch says. “But now, I’m a global brand!”

“I had a website,” says the architectural photographer. “I joined social networks. I sent emails. But I never knew if I reached anyone or if my efforts were delivering results.”

That uncertainty changed once Ellen turned to the Vocus Marketing Suite to market her work at her New York-based studio Ellen Fisch Photography.

“With Vocus it’s easy. I write a press release and handpick pre-vetted journalists and bloggers from their database who might actually be interested in the topic so my story makes news.”

Ellen Fisch Photography - Vocus Marketing Suite

“With my very first online press release, I wrote about an exhibit of photographs of Wall Street. I had 1,500 reads worldwide.

“I now write and send two online press releases a month. A recent one about a new art form in photography I created got picked up by Photo District News, which is like The New York Times for photographers, and Swide Magazine (published by Dolce & Gabbana),” Ellen says.

“Vocus also shows me the effectiveness of my marketing. I track my brand engagement see which publications pick up my story and discover what appeals to people with real results,” Ellen says.

Ellen Fisch Photography - Vocus Marketing Suite“Artists want people to notice their work,” she says. “But just because you show it doesn’t mean people will buy it. However, marketing my work with Vocus is delivering revenue. A major art institution recently contacted me to buy some of my work because they saw it through a Google search. That’s because of Vocus!”

Ellen also gets great results with the suite’s social media features.

“When photography comes up as a topic on Twitter, I get a notification. I can join conversations or retweet something. It increases my web visibility.”

“Thanks to Vocus, I know my marketing will reach people now,” Ellen says. “I’m not just tossing letters into the wind and hoping someone reads them. Vocus has created more awareness for my brand than anything I could have done on my own.”

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Images courtesy of Ellen Fisch Photography.

  • Justin Edwards

    great article!

    • Brian Conlin

      Thanks for reading, Justin! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ellen’s pictures were certainly a nice addition.

  • Rio Ramirez

    Cool idea, great article on Ellen Fisch; love her artwork. I’m very happy for her and the success Vocus has brought her. I wonder if this program will work for a new novelist with a killer book. No, several killer books!