Three Tips for In-Store Facebook Marketing

Three Tips for Facebook In-Store MarketingThirty eight percent of smartphone owners research products while in physical store locations. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, this offers a great opportunity to promote your Facebook page and build your list of prospects. Try these three tactics to get more in-store Likes:

1) Make it easy for people to Like your page

Display signage giving customers the URL of your Facebook page, as opposed to a generic “Like Us on Facebook” sign. People don’t want to search Facebook for your brand, so make it easier for them. Besides, searches on Facebook may not yield your company’s page.

Offer exclusive, fans-only discounts and deals, or use your page to invite fans to sales and promotions, and make these benefits prominent. Your signage should communicate the value of Liking your page.

2) Use Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers is a free, easy feature that lets you create and share discounts with Facebook fans using the Ads Create tool.

Fans get an email to bring to your physical location to claim the discount. They can also share an offer within their own networks (depending on your settings) — spreading brand awareness and attracting new customers.

Alert in-store customers to your current Facebook offers. If they’re not already fans, letting them in on the offer is an easy way to earn a new Like and maybe generate extra sales.

3) Offer a Check-In or Like bonus

Offer in-store customers a small discount or other perk for Liking or checking into your business. This is a good way to build loyalty and encourage repeat business with your most loyal customers, as well as generate word of mouth when these customers share your brand with their own networks.

As smartphones become the shopping companions of more and more consumers, try to go beyond driving people to your store. Think of fun ways to get people to post pictures, scan QR codes, check in and more. By enhancing the in-store mobile experience, you can earn goodwill, loyalty and lots of inexpensive word of mouth.

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