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Most parents are busy enough getting their kids dressed and on the bus, prepped and ready for college. Student loan interest rates, education reform, school safety; kids or not, the intricate patchwork of contentious issues that drive the education debate can be dizzying. Whatever your interest in education—as a parent, teacher, or simply a concerned citizen—the web offers a wide array of insights and perspectives on this important topic. This list compiles the top 25 independently published education blogs in the United States and Canada, ranked by user views per month and inbound links, using data from Cision’s media database. Ready to get schooled?

Rank Outlet
1 Edudemic
2 Free Technology for Teachers
3 The Innovative Educator
4 Teach Preschool
5 The Cool Cat Teacher Blog
6 dy/dan
7 EduWonk
8 Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…
9 Simple Homeschool
10 Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
11 Dangerously Irrelevant
12 Teacher Tom
13 Teach Mama
14 Moving at the Speed of Creativity
15 The Quick and the Ed
16 EmergingEdTech
17 The Jose Vilson
18 Schools Matter @ the Chalk Face
19 Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk
20 The Homeschooling Blog
21 The Blue Skunk Blog
22 The Fischbowl
23 Educational Technology Guy
24 Education Notes Online
25 .edu Guru'

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