What the heck is content curation?

curator-facebookYou’re probably already doing it. Content curation is the practice of reading, vetting and reposting content published by others for your own audience. But it doesn’t end there. Curation requires you to dig for stories relevant to your followers, select those that are of the highest quality and put these stories “into a context with organization, annotation and presentation,” Beth Kanter notes. If you’ve ever assembled a round-up of news on your brand’s blog or excerpted quotes for a webinar, you’re a curator.  If you’ve ever shared a link on Twitter or an update on Facebook with your own commentary—all of us, probably—yup, still a curator. Stephanie Buck observes on Mashable, “If you use the web, you are a curator.”

Why is curation important? It’s one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, engage your audience and further your marketing strategy. When done effectively, curation shows off your ability to recognize, attribute and republish stories that will resonate with people—and can help establish your brand as a thought leader or authority in your industry. Matthew Peneycad reminds us on Social Media Today, “content is incredibly abundant [and] it’s less time consuming to curate content than to create it.” All the more reason for every brand to do it regularly!

Is there a correct way to curate? Circling back to strategy, you want to select content that provides your followers with information and calls-to-action that support your business goals. On top of that, you need to help your audience make sense of the Internet—there’s so much data, so be the all-important sieve that streamlines their content consumption. Easier said than done, right? Your content should come from a variety of outlets and influencers. Be sure to curate wherever your brand has an online presence, and specifically for that platform’s audience. Read everything you share, and maybe most importantly, add your own insights or expertise to the content you’re curating, so your audience knows why this story matters to you—and why it should matter to them.

How do I curate content more efficiently? So glad you asked! Check out our latest tip sheet, 10 Tips to Curating Content, for more thoughts on content curation tools, techniques and best practices.


  • maddiblankenship

    As a student in a blogging class, I am just beginning to learn the importance of using links and curating your work. Normally, I had thought about this process mostly related to news and disseminating information to readers about current events, but this post helps me see how it can be using in the marketing world as well. -maddiblankenship@wordpress.com mblanke3@mix.wvu.edu

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