Three Challenges Facing Marketers

The Challenges Facing MarketersMarketing is changing rapidly – but is your skillset evolving with it? As technology accelerates change, successful marketers need to become more agile, more responsive to change and better at working with different teams, functions and channels. To succeed as an evolved marketer, always bear in mind these three modern marketing challenges, and how you can best meet them:

1) Understand the Feedback Loop

Technology and social media have changed the way we interact with consumers. Long gone are the days of simply blasting out or “dumping” messages onto audiences via one channel. Instead, we need to embrace a continuous communication loop with customers, which includes listening.

Example: The 2012 U.S. presidential election campaigns showed how a feedback loop requires interplay between both social and traditional media to achieve impact.

2) Accept Change and Act 

Act continuously to ensure your brand always makes progress. The rapid pace of change in technology doesn’t leave time for a “wait and see” with new platforms and tools. Leading brands are not afraid to incorporate new technology into tried-and-true marketing strategies.

Example: Kodak is a prime example of how even the most iconic brand can fail by not adapting to new technology and consumer behavior.

3) Tear Down Boundaries 

Marketers should be able to work with all departments: IT, sales, product development and customer service. Create incentives and opportunities for different teams within your organization to share valuable information, and exchange insight that helps all departments succeed in their goals.

Example:’s Marc Benioff is a pioneer of the no-boundaries approach. This innovative example of collaboration continues to impact his company’s culture today.

Marketing is changing every day. How will you meet the future’s challenges?

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