Content Marketing – Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More

Content marketing keep them coming back for moreCan you remember the last time a company grabbed your attention with a catchy product jingle or an ad with memorable imagery? Even the once-revered Super Bowl ads have lost their luster, and companies are shifting their focus to content marketing. Videos, blogs, tweets, infographics, e-books – all of these assets fall under the umbrella of content marketing. When done right, content engages a consumer on a deeper level than traditional advertising and helps build brand loyalty.

1) Study Your Audience.

What keeps your target audience up at night? Address that. Create content that piques their interest, and you will form a bond that gets community members engaged and sharing. Tweets containing “how-to” and list articles are retweeted three times more than other tweets.

2) Push Content Where Your Audience Consumes It.

According to The Content Marketing Institute, a content marketing strategy should come before a social media plan. That is, your content should propel and direct your social media efforts. Determine which channels your audience spends time on, and strategically push content on those platforms.

3) Practice Perseverance.

Building a following takes time. While we’ve all seen overnight success stories and viral videos, such instances are few and far between. Persevere in developing quality content that speaks to your audience’s needs; it will pay off in the long run.

Content marketing is an effective way to consistently engage with your target audience and build long-lasting relationships. Develop great content, and your audience will come back for more!

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