How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Crisis communications keep calm and carry onManaging brand reputation, especially in today’s digital age, can be challenging. Everyone from the media to business partners and consumers search for you online before ever deciding to contact you. Anyone can bolster or damage your brand in five seconds with their smartphone.

How do you protect your reputation and ensure a positive first impression?

Manage your brand or lose control.

Consumers share negative comments, reviews and tweets about companies all the time. Identify the sites and networks where negative comments are most likely to impact your target audience, and then regularly monitor them to quickly respond to negative statements. It can take as little as 20 minutes for a story to go viral. Reacting in a timely fashion can mitigate escalation and long-lasting effects.

Protect your company name.

If you haven’t claimed your company and product names on social networks or domain names, do so immediately. It prevents rogue messaging as well as “squatting” on your names, which can cause a gap in your brand strategy.

Don’t ignore your offline reputation.

There’s often a correlation between what shows up online and what happens in the real world. Focus on keeping clients happy offline, and they will share their gratitude online.

Managing your brand’s reputation requires careful monitoring and planning, but it’s worth it. With a strategic approach, you can build and maintain a positive online presence that will attract and win new clients, and keep your current ones.