3 Ways to Become a Sought-After Media Resource

While pitching content every day can be a thankless job, media relations can create value and generate coverage. The more you pitch, the more placements you get. The more placements you get, the more credible and sought-after you become.

3 Ways to Become a Sought-After Media Resource

To maximize your momentum, remember the following:

Practice your writing skills. 

Developing your writing skills is crucial to being viewed as an influential figure. Journalists and bloggers will quote you more often if you give them well-written content.

Show your expertise.

Both your owned and pitched content should contain insights into how, for example, a technology development will change how customers interact with online stores. Or discuss how your CEO’s work ethic has improved the workplace.

Augment your content with visuals, audio and video.

Journalists, reporters and bloggers have limited time, and often don’t have a photographer or videographer at the ready. If you provide them rich media, you’re more likely to be approached for both visual content and sound bites.

If you want to generate more coverage, learn to capitalize on your pitches. Establish your place as a thought leader within the marketplace, practice your writing skills and offer supplementary content.

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