Top 10 Teen Magazines on Twitter

Kids these days! Just because they are young doesn’t mean that their interests are all the same. It’s not all memes, boy bands and sports, after all these are the years where kids try on new interests and hobbies. Publications like Teen VOGUE,  Sex, ETC. and National Geographic Kids appeal to a wide range of interests and have been noted for their coverage of important political, science, books and social issues. This week we take a look at the top 10 teen magazines on Twitter, ranked by number of followers. Using Cision’s media database, we compiled our list based on Cision’s proprietary research. Follower counts were pulled on February 8, 2017, and may change over time.


1. Teen VOGUE – 3,043,187


2. Tiger Beat – 329,030

3. J-14 – 304,283


4. M – 177,266


5. Sex, ETC. – 67,552


6. National Geographic Kids – 42,817


7. Girls’ Life – 38,935


8. Young Adult Library Services – 38,248


9. Boy’s Life – 19,182


10. Justine – 11,954