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Five Creative PR Ideas for Launches

According to Forbes, businesses launch a quarter-million new products every year. Upwards of 90% of them fail. That’s a staggering statistic and so we’ve combed through a number of posts and articles to find these five ultra-creative ideas for effective launch campaigns.

Vocus CEO Speaks Out on PRWeb News Release Service

Note:  The following post was written by Vocus CEO Rick Rudman (Twitter | bio). At Vocus, we’ve always strived to […]

Updated: PRWeb Statement on Fraudulent ICOA Press Release

The following is a statement by Vocus CMO Jason Jue: Yesterday, PRWeb learned a press release live on its site was […]

PRWeb Statement on Fraudulent ICOA Press Release

PRWeb transmitted a press release for ICOA that we have since learned was fraudulent. The release was not issued or […]

5 Creative Marketing Quotes for a Burst of Inspiration

As a marketing, PR and communications pros, we face a daily push for more and more creativity in our strategy, […]

Five Effective PR Stunts for Cyber Monday Marketing

Did you know that Cyber Monday itself may have originally been a PR stunt? Wikipedia says the term debuted in November 2005 in this press release issued by the National Retail Federation. Stunt or not, it’s a huge opportunity for businesses to grab some publicity of their own. Here’s a look at five effective Cyber Monday PR stunts that might inspire you this year.

How to get 70,000 people to read your press release

A timely, well written press release with a snappy headline that draws in readers might get 2,500 page reads.  That’s […]

Six Small Business Superheroes from Superstorm Sandy

Sandy made headlines this week by upending our routines, causing damage, power outages and other disastrous news.  However, in the […]

And a shout out to our community manager

—->  Note:  This post is an x-post from the Vocus blog. She wanted the job.  That much was clear when […]

The New Advertorial: Media Continues to Blur

The concept of advertorials – a blend of advertisements and editorial has existed at least since 1946, according to Merriam-Webster. Back then, magazines and newspapers usually boxed advertorials in neat little packages with different fonts and text to clearly delineate what was advertising and what was editorial. Today however, advertorials have been renamed “sponsored posts” and that distinction isn’t always crystal clear.

More Real-Time Signs That PR and Marketing Are Merging

A few weeks ago Access Intelligence announced its acquisition of four publications - including Chief Marketer - from Penton Media. This news, which went largely unnoticed, is yet more evidence of a larger and unstoppable trend. PR is becoming central to marketing, while marketing is looking increasingly more like PR.

The three emerging categories of press releases

Search has had a significant impact on the press release’s evolution.  While press releases are still viable means for announcing […]

Will Red Bull Stratos Drive Sales of Red Bull?

20 years ago, Reese’s Pieces secured the marketing opportunity of a lifetime in the movie E.T. and validated product placement as a viable tactic in the marketer’s toolkit. This year, the Red Bull Stratos event might lead to a similar evolution in marketing. But will those tens of millions of dollars’ worth of publicity drive sales?

How email and press releases can work together

Ever hear the expression, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”  We think this perfectly describes the […]

PR Measurement: What’s the Difference Between Goals and Objectives?

What is the difference between goals and objectives? The issue causes nearly as much confusion in PR circles as the difference between strategy and tactics, but the distinction is critical in understanding the results of PR campaigns.

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