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This post is written by Brandon Andersen.  Brandon is the Interactive Marketing Manager at Cision. The first step to communicating […]

Guest Contributor - May 18, 2009

Amidst the rapid rise of Twitter and other micro-blogging solutions, it appears that URL shorteners have made everyone’s short list (be forewarned, […]

Guest Contributor - May 7, 2009

Website recommendations for PR professionals.

Guest Contributor - April 2, 2009

This post is written by Kevin Hoffmann. Kevin is a Director in the Product Management group at Cision. He builds […]

Guest Contributor - March 4, 2009

This post is written by Cision guest blogger Annette Arno. Annette is a Research Director and analyzed the survey data and prepared […]

Guest Contributor - March 3, 2009

Talk shows moving into primetime could create more PR possibilities This post is written by Cision guest blogger Kristen Sala. […]

Guest Contributor - February 26, 2009

This post is written by Cision blogger Matt Merlin. Matt has been an account director at Cision in media analysis for five […]

Guest Contributor - February 17, 2009

This post is written by Cision guest blogger Rachel Farrell. Rachel is the manager of magazine research at Cision and […]

Guest Contributor - February 12, 2009

This post is written by Cision guest bloggers Ruth McFarland and Nicole Duhoski. Ruth is the Senior Vice President of […]

Guest Contributor - January 26, 2009

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can pack more punch if they are welded to a disciplined reputation management system that addresses corporate vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Guest Contributor - January 8, 2009

The best promotions target a consumer need beyond the product or sale itself, but how do you decide which ones to use?

Guest Contributor - April 17, 2008
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