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Finding your community on Twitter

This post is written by Brandon Andersen.  Brandon is the Interactive Marketing Manager at Cision. The first step to communicating […]

The Skinny on URL Shorteners

Amidst the rapid rise of Twitter and other micro-blogging solutions, it appears that URL shorteners have made everyone’s short list (be forewarned, […]

Web Sites a PR Professional Should Check Every Day

Website recommendations for PR professionals.

How to fail at social media

This post is written by Kevin Hoffmann. Kevin is a Director in the Product Management group at Cision. He builds […]

Are reporters really Twitterpated about Facebook?

This post is written by Cision guest blogger Annette Arno. Annette is a Research Director and analyzed the survey data and prepared […]

PR’s golden ticket into primetime? You decide.

Talk shows moving into primetime could create more PR possibilities This post is written by Cision guest blogger Kristen Sala. […]

Frogs indicate that quality of U.S. corporate news coverage is on the decline

This post is written by Cision blogger Matt Merlin. Matt has been an account director at Cision in media analysis for five […]

Funny business?

This post is written by Cision guest blogger Rachel Farrell. Rachel is the manager of magazine research at Cision and […]

The future of newspapers: point, counterpoint

This post is written by Cision guest bloggers Ruth McFarland and Nicole Duhoski. Ruth is the Senior Vice President of […]

Tying CSR with Reputation Management

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can pack more punch if they are welded to a disciplined reputation management system that addresses corporate vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Response Promotion Marketing: Evaluate Your Options

The best promotions target a consumer need beyond the product or sale itself, but how do you decide which ones to use?

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